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Summer Pricing:
5-14-18 to 7-31-18:
  • Reg#: 611180006
  • EN 1-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Under Control 2-5
Dam: Under Control 18-7

FOOT WORK was named champion at Fall Classic 2017.  This guy is a super complete, yet an off center Yorkshire boar.  This guys forearm and center rib cage are unequaled of what we have seen in quite some time. For those that think this is because of age, well I have done my homework and I know this guys age is legit!  At 450 pounds his pastern set was perfect, his toes and bone work are totally ideal and the fact he looks like a York boar that gave this breed the statement "the mother breed".  Guys and girls, it is time to reclaim that and use one of the best breeding Yorkshire boars I have seen in a long time.

Coupled with the fact the FOOT WORK has been done in making a breeding hog genetically as well.  His sire and dam read the same on both sides of his pedigree.  To simplify it, the top side reads- Out Of Control X Exclusive and the dam side reads Here and Now X Empire. That is the same for both sire and dam.

I may be wrong, but I think this guy reads big time for making Yorkshire females.
Summer Pricing:
5-14-18 to 7-31-18:
  • Reg#: 593177004
  • EN 13-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Old School -  Mighty Mack 74-1 x Grizz
Dam: Wow x Daddy Mack

INTERCEPTION was literally intercepted right before Rodibaugh's were to leave for Belton 2017.  Whether we talk Phenotype or Genotype this guy turns heads.  Genotype = older pedigrees where look, squareness, feet and legs were a high priority.  INTERCEPTION is really good in those areas.  Phenotype = tall shouldered, awesome look, squareness, rib shape, balanced proportions of width, depth and length with really good muscle.  It's time to let a blast from the past bring you to the future of 2018 pigs.  Think of INTERCEPTION.
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