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Overrun: $100
  • Reg#: 15469002
  • EN 78-2
Sire: We'IN
Dam: EIN

ROSSCOE was purchased after being selected Res. champion boar STC 2019. ROSSCOE was named by Thomas Titus's little girl and rightfully speaking after the distinguished award to the Conrady family in the memory of Ross. Needless to say he would have been very proud here. 

ROSSCOE is one of those totally complete boars that makes it a little deceiving how out there he is. This guy has big feet and legs. He is square coming and going with great rib, body and muscle. He is very athletic and awesome to look at. Literally a boar that can be exposed to any and still make the offspring better.
[ Chester ]
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 152051004
  • EN 29-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Heavy Duty
Dam: Salary Cap

LIFESTYLE is a correct, square, complete boar that is tall shouldered, shapely and athletic.  The sow line here has winners behind it as well.  LIFETYLE's are better when kept in balance.  I think that best describes this boar.
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 153956001
  • EN 35-1
Sire: Killin It
Dam: Otis x Demi

We were talking about what to name this boar coming out of a real generating sow. Mallory decided to name him Round Table because you could of a great big 5 course dinner on his back. This is a sound, mobile, very balanced boar that has the extras of muscle and dimension all the way through his skeleton. Use Round Table on those sissy made ones that are tall shouldered and neat looking!
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 152044002
  • EN 4-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bluegrass
Dam: Ein X On Command

Fescue is a good pig that comes out of a good litter of pigs reining our best keeper gilt for the 2019 breeding season. His dam was the high selling female at the 2015 WPX and in her first litter put two gilts in the top 5 at expo. The 3 other littermate sows to her have done an extremely good job for Kneese and have quite the track record. If you want to focus on making the next generation better and add a sow family that can get it done the join in on adding FESCUE.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 153917001
  • EN 13-1
Sire: D-E-A-D Dead  (Frozen Semen)
Dam: Pound Sign X Demi (Otis X Ein X Big Rig X Open Road) 

Absolute Breed Changer in elevation with stoutness.Crazy looking baby pig up front with a big burly rear leg. Needs bred to the traditional sappy bellies Chester females.
  • Dam was 8th Overall at OYE in 2018
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 148846006
  • EN 6-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Secrets Out
Dam: Got Em X Revolution (Going Greens Dam)

Really Really Really GOOD is what I said about him when I named him Champion at STC 2018. His structural integrity is second to none. He has an awesome look,square built,very comfortable and long strided .big ribbed ,tremendous hip and hind leg and muscle that makes everything balance this guy is special.
  • Champion Landrace Gilt 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Landrace Barrow 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • 3rd Overall Landrace Barrow 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Landrace Barrow 2019 Wisconsin State Fair - 10th Overall Barrow
  • 4th Overall Barrow and Champion Landrace 2019 NJSA
  • Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt 2019 STC
  • Champion Boar 2019 Exposition
  • Premier Sire 2019 Exposition
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 152101001
  • EN 23-1
Sire: Havoc
Dam: Thor X Izzo
(Horner Sow Champion Landrace Gilt 2010 World Pork Expo)

Midnight Confession is one really unique landrace boar in being heavy boned, tall shouldered and shorter sided than any i have seen that are still elevated and good looking. He is ready to go with all blood work done and passes his purity test.
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