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[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 152615003
  • EN 125-3
Sire: Jack In The Box
Dam: Deadlocked

In February 2018 I traveled to San Antonio to watch part of the gilt show. With Russell Kneese not far from there I made the drive to his place. Blake had been to Russell's earlier and seen a berkshire boar that we now call CENTERFOLD. He is a full brother to the boar HH calls Backpage.

I also went thru all the sows and younger pigs and ran across a pen of chesters. In that pen was Cash N Out. Going backwards in visits with several people, the talk coming out of Denver was how good the Grand barrow was and the Champion Chester Barrow, Cash N Out full brother. This guy stood out in that pen and the rest is history. The last chester boar Purple Power bought from Russell would need no introduction, EIN.

Semen will be available for FALL BREEDING!!!
[ Chester ]
Summer Pricing:
5-14-18 to 7-31-18:
  • Reg#: 151665012
  • EN 8-12
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Over The Top
Dam: Keystone x U-Turn

STONE SOBER is a purchase off the farm. He comes from a great litter with a barrow being named champion and third overall at the winter MSU Pig Show. Four gilts were retained for sows and this stout beast. STONE SOBER is impressive in his overall stoutness, body mass and muscularity. He becomes more impressive when placed in
motion as he is sound, flexible and square. Along with this he still has a good look from the side.
[ Chester ]
Summer Pricing:
5-14-18 to 7-31-18:
  • Reg#: 146362002
  • EN 11-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Snapchat
Dam: Northbound

This guy comes out of an extremely deep, winning pedigree. His dam was Champion Bred-and-Owned, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 5 th -Overall at the 2013 Team Purebred summer show. A littermate was Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 4 th -Overall at the 2013 WPX. She also was Champion and High-Selling in the open show. The granddam was Champion at the 2011 NBS ® , and she was also high-selling. Now let’s talk about PUNCH LINE . This picture was taken at just shy of four months of age. He has attributes that most Chesters need. I don’t need to make a long description here – come see PUNCH LINE in person and let him speak for himself.
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2017 Missouri State Fair
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Reserve Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
  • 3rd Overall Barrow 2016 Henry Co, IN
  • Reserve Champion Chester Barrow 2016 MLE
  • 5th Overall Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
  • Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
  • Champion Bred and Owned Chester Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • 3rd Overall Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • Reserve Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
[ Landrace ]
Summer Pricing:
5-14-18 to 7-31-18:
  • Reg#: 138276002
  • EN 15-2
  • Stress Negative
  • Passes Purity Test
Sire: Hammer Fist
Dam: Going Green x Substitution

TKO is a unique landrace boar.  His point of shoulder height and heaviness of bone are unusual in this breed like he possesses.  His landrace characteristics of ear are good, his muscle and width of skeleton are really good and his balance when viewed from the side is really good as well.  Super sound in his movement and a good set of females behind him.  I had the honor of feeding his grandma right here in Chalmers in 2012 for another young man that showed out of our barn that year.  She was named Champion landrace gilt at the Indiana State Fair. In the time of transition, this guy has pure blood and competitive look all in one package.  Also a complete outcross to the Got Em line as well.
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