"Breeding one sow at a time"

Retired Boars


  • Reg#: 153917001
  • EN 13-1
Sire: D-E-A-D Dead  (Frozen Semen)
Dam: Pound Sign X Demi (Otis X Ein X Big Rig X Open Road) 

Absolute Breed Changer in elevation with stoutness.Crazy looking baby pig up front with a big burly rear leg. Needs bred to the traditional sappy bellies Chester females.
  • Dam was 8th Overall at OYE in 2018
  • Reg#: 372641003
  • EN 100-3
Sire: American Outlaw
Dam: Light Em Up

3 Wheeler gets his name for the exact same reason there will not be a picture.  He is on 3. I was at Nathans's within 48 hours of the time he hurt a hind leg and this was a costly injury for the Weisinger firm. This guy was set for the expo and my thoughts were ,3 Wheeler would have been a big time hit for there. To my gain,his injury did not get better,I asked Nathan if he would work with us on him and with that being said,he lands himself here in Chalmers. 3 Wheeler is Stout,Big Legged,Proper angles,square with a good look and big hip. Grandma is the 2012 Expo Champion and the dam of Iconic. 3 Wheeler will be used some in Chalmers.
  • Reg#: 402838002
  • EN 16-2
Sire: 4.0
Dam: Watch and Learn X Honeymoon (Grand Gilt From World Pork Expo 2016)  - Cryin Shame Mate Sister

16-2 was raised here at Chalmers.He Combines a couple of things boars that have been popular here at PPBS. His dam was Champion Bred and Owned at WPX 2017 and grandma was Grand Overall Gilt at WPX in 2016.16-2 is one that defies odds. He is an elevated boar that is long fronted,short backed and good hip length, His bone is more than ample,with a huge rib,monster back and a really good hip and hind leg. If you have the desire to see one that is very interesting to make some elite barrows plan a visit to Chalmers!!!!!! 16-2 is priced at 150 because we raised him not because that is his value. This guy is interesting.
  • Reg#: 162974004
  • EN 13-4
Sire: Red Sox x Junksberry
Dam: Ready 2 Rumble (Champion at Indian State Fair 2013)

OH MY HEREFORD TIME! We have been trying to get in on this business for sometime but have always stood contending on the record setters. We think we have by far passed them though in terms of what we got here on this buy. He may not be the highest dollar hog within the breed, but I will put his quality next to them all. 30 Rack is one that is literally a game changer in one generation. Stout headed, tall shouldered, with an awesome way that his muscle is built into this guy. That is not the impressive part….. Study his build. This is the type and kind that it takes to not just play with the Herefords, but any breed.
  • Reserve AOB Iowa State Fair FFA Show
  • Reserve Champion Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
  • Reg#: 626586008
  • EN 2-8
Sire: Footworks
Dam: Here We Go x In Control 

A LITTLE MORE was an off the farm purchase from Hoge’s last spring. We got him picked up late enough that we are just not bringing him out. A LITTLE MORE’S sire, Footworks is a lined up pedigree of Out of Control x Her and Now. Mark takes Footworks and puts on a Here We Go x In Control female. Therefore, genetically this boar is A LITTLE MORE. He couples that with the fact that A LITTLE MORE has more look, muscle, and style; yet maintains squareness and soundness. The name fits A LITTLE MORE!
  • Stress Negative
Amped Up x Close Call x Best Yet x Moonshine

AFFORDABLE’S sire was the $45,000 Grand York Boar from Louisville in 2016 that was raised by Stohlquist, and out of a pair of Ricker animals. The dam of AFFORDABLE was a 10-time Champion Yorkshire Gilt on the very competitive Ohio Show Circuit. Unfortunately for Keplinger, but fortunately for us, this Close Call sow only had males in this litter. This Amped Up boar looks a lot like his daddy did. Heavy boned, super wide
and a great profile. This guy is good in respect to integrity behind his blade, correct in his ham/loin junction and he possesses a good set of pasterns. He has muscle to burn. This guy would have made a tremendous Yorkshire barrow, but I’m confident he will be an outstanding Yorkshire boar. This guy is bred to be good and he doesn’t disappoint. Take advantage of this guy that’s from the heart of the Ricker breeding program.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Flying High
Dam: Oh Boy

AINSWORTH is a young boar Blake and I picked up while on our spring tours. When we walked up to the pens the first thing to notice was how heavy boned he is. He is still heavy boned with a good stout look.  Muscle is very good in this guy as well. I heard a very prominent Yorkshire breeder say one time, "butt and bone sell." Well AINSWORTH  fits this criteria very well.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 149504002
  • EN 32-2
Sire: Otis
Dam: Ein X Big Rig

ALL SMILES is out of the off center Chester Boar Otis. Blake hoarded the litter and we weeded it down to 2 Boars and 2 Gilts. We Chose ALL SMILES to keep for the boar and kept both gilts for the sow lot with showing one of them at the American Royal in the Breeding gilt show,where she was named Champion. All Smiles has a great stout look,big feet,and legs with above average muscle. His width of base is really good as well. All SMILES got his name because no matter what age,when you walked up to the pen you would be ALL SMILES.
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Callin' Dibs
Dam: Neon Lights

I caught a hint that there was a unique, stout individual at Fecke’s. With that in mind, I made a trip out to Fecke’s. AMERICAN MADE was even more interesting that I had heard. The ran tough-built animal out of the barn and I studied his stout skull and shapely back while still maintaining athleticism with look. This hog is durable and AMERICAN MADE.
  • Reg#: 369108001
  • EN 11-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Challenger
Dam: Royal Flush x Buck 1-6

Amplify was purchased off the farm from Joe Eggers.  He is also out of the same dam as Honeymoon, with that, Amplify has a similar look.  Being tall fronted, square chested, awesome look, level top, wide behind and a show more muscle than his half brother.  Without a doubt we feel like this guy will Amplify your and our results in the winners circle.
Sire: Light This
Dam: Limitless x Capone x Trifecta

ANYTHING GOES was purchased off the farm from Vince in February 2018. This guy possibilites are endless.His ability to make killer blues and dirty whites for southwest barrows is the reason for the purchase of ANYTHING GOES. He has a crossbred look in a solid white package. His shoulder height,square knee and rectangular chest make the first look incredible.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Artic Invasion
Dam: Killer Instinct x Tree Shaker x Super Monster

Artic Blast was purchased at the Indiana Crossbred Classic 2015 as a class winner.   I know some probably can't believe we spent $35,000 on a crossbred boar, however we thought this was the one that needed to be here in Chalmers.  Others probably are thinking that hell is about to freeze over and NO it is only an ARTIC BLAST.  This guy is stout and has an awesome look with it.  One week now after the show and I can honestly say he looks even better.  If you are looking for foot, bone, wide and square with muscle, design, balance and that show ring look.  Quit looking elsewhere and hop on here.  Gathered with this is he comes from the same sow family as Double Nickel, Mile High, Analyze This, Closet Monster, Human Nature and the 2012 National Wester Champion.
  • Reg#: 351406001
  • EN 9-1
Sire: Red Bull
Dam: Big Ten

We are excited to bring Astroid home from STC 2014.After evaluating all the boars we felt like he was the only Boar that brought us something slightly different to our already strong and deep set of Duroc Boars at PPBS.  Astroid is not for every red sow but those that need to be powered up with the best top shape,width and squareness,look in here. Starting at the ground this guy has really good toes. His bone is big and flat. His width coming and going are wide and square. He is tall shouldered,moderate length of body and a really square hip. The turn in his center rib shape and the ground top and turn to his loin, I have not seen in a negative red one in a long time . We are excited to put this guy on females here to make awesome barrows. As with the Red bucking Bull on the PBR we feel Astroid will still be at least 92% effective in kicking out great results.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bad Donkey
Dam: Sugar Daddy X Sweet Emotion Mom

BAD MEDICINE was a Class Winner at Fall Classic 2016. If you are looking for a great look,stoutness,muscularity and the ability to travel, look in here. BAD MEDICINE has come home and 2 weeks later looks absolutely INCREDIBLE. BAD MEDICINE is one of the most popular Cross Boars we have ever had and are super excited to call Chalmers his home.
  • Grand Champion Gilt Polk Co,FL
  • 3rd Overall Cross Barrow Division 1 American Royal
  • Class 8 Cross Barrow Winner 2017 American Royal
  • Reg#: 396503003
  • EN 4-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Truth Or Dare
Dam: He's The One x Centerfold

BEHIND THE SCENES was purchased off the farm after a littermate sister wins her class at Louisville.(pictured) She hit me hard and BEHIND THE SCENES was discovered by talking with Tim. I am super pumped about adding this HE MAN boar to our lineup. Big feet, incredible big legs that are square and flex. Very tall shouldered, excellent square chest, big rib, back and butt. It all goes together in a great looking HE MAN package. This guy will get some of our elite sows here in Chalmers.
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2019 State Fair of Texas
  • 2 out of 4 Class Winning Barrow 2019 State Fair of Texas
  • Class Winner 2019 Eastern Regional
  • Champion Duroc Boar 2019 Mo State Fair
  • 7th Overall Barrow 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • 3rd Overall Gilt 2019 White Co,In
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt 2019 Exposition
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Hunted
Dam: Mental Rush

I am super happy I made the track to Weisenger’s early this spring and landed this guy. In my opinion, he was the most complete boar they had to offer. Come check this stud out. He is a BIG KILL! When you walk up to his pen, you will notice the big brim of his nose, level top line and a great big root of his tail. Look down and there are these great big feet and legs. He is super attractive, balanced and stout.
  • Reg#: 409629009
  • EN 18-9
Sire: Stand Tall
Dam:Steel Pipe

[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 158813002
  • EN 10-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Listen In
Dam: Like No Other

BOLD STRATEGY was a private-treaty purchase. Thanks to Dustin for letting us know this one was out there. On top of the fact that Dustin had seen this guy, I also talked to Shane Brinning, who had also seen this guy at the farm. BOLD STRATEGY, being stress-negative, peaked our interest even more. This guy’s feet are huge with front end squareness and width. He has boldness to his center rib, which are awesome, and for a negative boar he had above average muscle. Couple that with his ability to take long fluid strides out of both ends, makes this guy something special.
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 156147002
  • EN 40-2
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: High Life
Dam: Color Me Lucky

Bouncer potentially is the meanest boar we have purchased.I Personally love his attitude because he is confident in himself that we owns the place. This guy is tall shouldered,good looking,square,sound and muscular. Show pigs that look like this reach the top of the class frequently.
  • Reg#: 581670001
  • EN 13-1
Sire: In Control
Dam: Decidedly Different

Break N Bad was a class winner at Belton 2016.This guy has a great look from all views. He is tall shouldered,extended in his front end,wide chested,bold ribbed,big backed and hipped that stays square in travel. Break N Bad is unique to have this kind of look and power all in one package.
  • Reg#: 381121005
  • EN 2-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Watch N Learn
Dam: Honeymoon X Meatpacker (Grand at WPX Jr Show 2016)

BULLET HOLE was made right here in Chalmers, Being his mommy was the Grand Overall at the 2016 WPX Jr Show.We had great expectations of this litter. Mated to one of my all time favorites,Watch N Learn even raised the bar by quite some margin. BULLET HOLE came out stout and a little extra right from birth. He has never disappointed. In one of the first few tours,in mid July a very prominent bigger Crossbred breeder quote " I can get into looking at Red hogs that look like this" BULLET HOLE is stout featured,that is tall shouldered,great look ,square made with the rib and muscle of an athlete. I  priced this one way under the money for all to use. This guy is elite.
Sire: Short Bus
Dam: Man Up (Litter mate to BMOC ) X Swagd Up X 32-5

BUS DRIVER is a unique specimen.  Moderate built,with a geek neck and heavy structured and a big butt. Couple with a winning pedigree ,OH MY . Let this guy control your destination ,Be the BUS DRIVER.
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Red Handed
Dam: Living Legend X Killer Instinct

Canseco was purchased for those that are concerned we are going to flat and pretty with not enough to quickly.  If your only concern is to make them pretty, don't get this guy.  Canseco is a power hog that is still an athlete and enough look.  His feet are huge, his legs are huge, his chest is wide, his top is massive and his hip is humongous.  All of this in a square traveling, long strided, stout good looking package.  Just like Canseco, this guy can hit it out of the park.
  • Reserve grand Overall Lagrange Co,In
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 152615003
  • EN 125-3
Sire: Jack In The Box
Dam: Deadlocked

In February 2018 I traveled to San Antonio to watch part of the gilt show. With Russell Kneese not far from there I made the drive to his place. Blake had been to Russell's earlier and seen a berkshire boar that we now call CENTERFOLD. He is a full brother to the boar HH calls Backpage.

I also went thru all the sows and younger pigs and ran across a pen of chesters. In that pen was Cash N Out. Going backwards in visits with several people, the talk coming out of Denver was how good the Grand barrow was and the Champion Chester Barrow, Cash N Out full brother. This guy stood out in that pen and the rest is history. The last chester boar Purple Power bought from Russell would need no introduction, EIN.

Semen will be available for FALL BREEDING!!!
  • Reg#: 583359003
  • EN 8-3
Sire: RSVP
Dam: Taloga X Wow

Cat Call comes from a deep consistent litter! This is a hog that is so sexy he can even get away with CAT CALLING all the ladies! With that being stated a balanced boar from the side that works a great big engine with in his skeleton! He is one that feeds out of the back side of his shoulder with real shape and dimension, and meets the surface with some knarley big feet! We like this hog a good deal and could make Yorkshires better! Couple his build with the sow that wins her class at ISF and grand dam that is the mother of Dress 2 Kill and Creativity. She was also Here N Nows littermate sister.
  • 3rd Overall Gilt 2017 White Co, IN
  • Reserve Purebred Barrow 2017 Chickasaw Co, IA
  • Reg#: 147700003
  • EN 89-3
Sire: Triple Threat
Dam: Kentucky Lovin

Centerfold was purchased off the farm from Russell Knesse a couple weeks before Belton 2018. He is also a full sib to Backpage at HH. I absolutely love how comfortable this guys skeleton is . Squareness,stoutness,flexibility and athletisism are high on the list for this guy. He is tall shouldered,good looking with balance and good muscle. If you have the qualities to be in a magazine,why be on the front cover or backpage when you cam be the CENTERFOLD.
  • Reg#: 346044001
  • EN 3-1
  • LEA: 10.2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: WTX Red Jacket
Dam: Full Shift ($4,000 gilt purchase from RW Genetics)

Without a question, CHALLENGER was our pick of the Duroc boars at the 2013 STC! It doesn't matter which end you start at, this hog is good. Tall-shouldered, long-fronted, square to the ground, big-ribbed, muscular, heavy-structured and square-toed – all with muscle and soundness.
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2015 Colorado State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 4-h,FFA and Open Kentucky State Fair
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 4-H Iowa State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2015 FFA Iowa State Fair
  • Heaviest Class Winning Barrow 2015 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • 4 out of the 12 Class Winning Gilts 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Jr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Sr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Class 1 Duroc Barrows- Class Winner 2014 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Purebred Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Breeding Gilt Show
  • Champion Duroc Breeding Gilt 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
  • Reserve Purebred Barrow Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2014 Iowa Sate Fair FFA Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc 2014 Iowa State Fair Jr 4-H Show
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2014 MO State Fair ,Reserve Purebred Overall And 4th Overall
  • Grand Champion Gilt 2014 Jasper Co, IN
  • Champion Boar IL State Fair Open Show
  • Reserve Champion Gilt 2014 STC - Selling for 18,000
  • 5th Overall Division 2- Class 5 Winner 2014 NJSS
  • Reserve Grand Barrow Miami Co, IN
  • High Point Duroc Gilt 2014 Iowa Jackpot Circuit
  • Grand Champion Overall Pendleton Co, KY
  • Grand Overall Gilt Noble Co, IN
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 144240001
  • EN 9-1
Sire: Open Road
Dam: Perfect Timing X The Best

We are passionate about the Chester Breed and this boar comes from the heart of our breeding program.  We believe this one will can change the breed where it desperately needs help with this special mating.  This one is special for so many ways but it starts with his mother.  She has truly been our foundation sow –Perfect Timing X The Best.  She was our pick of the Chester gilts in Rodibaughs spring sale in 2009.  In her first litter she produced the Reserve Champion Chester Gilt at World Pork Expo, Reserve Champion Gilt and 4th Overall Chester Gilt at TEAM Purebred, and the Champion Chester Gilt in the Indiana Junior Circuit.  This sow has also produced the 2011 Champion Chester Barrow at NAILE as well as the champion Chester barrow both days at Hogtoberfest. The special part is that her daughters have also continued to produce winners as well –5th Overall Chester Gilt World Pork Expo 2011, Class winning Barrow at Indiana State Fair, and Sin City (Chester Boar at Laird’s Premium Blend).  This Open Road son combines the look and balance of his sire  with the structure and soundness of his mother that will add width, power and body.  We have retained a littermate gilt in the herd and we are so confident in this one we will be coving the entire Chester program to Changing Lanes this spring.
  • Champion Chester Gilt 2013 Fall Classic
  • Premier Sire 2013 Fall Classic
  • Champion Chester Market hog 2013 NAILE
  • Reserve Champion Chester Market Hog 2013 NAILE
  • Champion Chester Breeding Gilt 2013 American Royal
  • Grand Champion Overall 2013 Arizona State Fair
CHUNK 22-1
  • Reg#: 558046001
  • EN 22-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Taloga
Dam: King George x Cubic Inch

Chunk gives everyone an awesome opportunity to reach back in time in genetics and have a more present phenotype. His sire has Square Deal on both the bottom of his sire and dam. Square Deal is a Full Power 46-4 X 46-6 Littermate mating.On Chunk dam side,his Grand dam is the old Cubic Inch sow at Wintex. As for the Boar ,this guy is wide and stout. He is muscular,sound and balanced. Potentially the best thing about this guy is he looked the same as he does in this picture from crate to now. He has been in the Boar Barn since 120# being feed 1/2 Boar feed and 1/2 16% feed with no additives . What you see is what you get here. This guy is one unique Breeding piece. If you like them wide,with muscle and "an inch Groove " take note here.
  • 3rd Overall Yorkshire Gilt 2015 NJSA
  • 4th Overall Division 2 2015 NJSA
  • Class Winner 2015 Wpx Jr show
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Sharp Dress Man
Dam: Swagger X Bear X New Beginnings

Clean Cut was Chris’s choice out of the boars that Seth Gilstrap had to offer this spring. Not to mention this is the boar I heard about daily until we got him. It sure wasn’t a disappointment when we got him unloaded. Clean Cut is one that drove off the ramp with a stout boar head, while still having look from shoulder forward, with a great big chest and square knee. That is not just where it ends. You get on top of this one with that rectangular back spread with a big enough ditch to hold a gallon of water. Study that back with that level, stout pin set and that sure doesn’t disappoint you when you study how square his hock and foot our to the upper part of his skeleton. We didn’t just get an advantage when breeding our sows, but we gave our customers the Clean Cut way of grabbing onto the Purple.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Attention
Dam: Challenger

CONCLUSION is the Litter mate brother to CONSENSUS. For us after seeing just two litters of CONSENSUS it was an easy decision CONCLUSION needed to be here. CONCLUSION is a bit more moderate,bolder ribbed and slightly less bone. I heard Blake quote this to his mom in one of the first litters born out of CONSENSUS. "This may be the best red litter Born here" Time will tell is it a CONSENSUS or a CONCLUSION!!!!
  • Reg#: 392062003
  • EN 54-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Attention
Dam: Challenger (Normans prolific sow)

CONSENSUS was purchased at Duncan 2017. In the process of watching the red show that day I honestly had to contain myself. This guy hit me harder at the show than an anxious little kid entering "Toys R Us" at Christmas time. On Thursday we had the opportunity to see what is now called Shots Fired, the spot boar. Followed up by viewing CONSENSUS on Friday. What a Christmas present in having this pair come home with us.

CONSENSUS in all honesty and with no disrespect to any other boars and or breeders, hit me harder than any other boar in the last 3-4 years at a show. When you add his design, soundness, stoutness, and muscle with the sow he is out of, it made CONSENSUS a must own. The picture that we honestly just took (December 19) a month after the show, tells the story this guy is legit.
  • Reg#: 620195008
  • EN 94-8
Sire: Easy Money
Dam: Tom Cat

CORNHUSKER was the top selling Yorkshire boar at 2018 Duncan. We thought this guy combined extra stoutness and muscularity while maintaing an athletic ,square look and build. We are excited to inject him into our handful of Yorkshire females here in Chalmers.
[ Duroc ]
  • Reg#: 336351004
  • EN 3-4
  • Stress Negative
  • BF: .85
  • LEA: 8.9
Sire: Yak II
Dam: Perfect Game

It seems like, every once in a while, we just find one,  Crackin Down was not only my favorite red boar at the IN State Fair, but some of the NSR Staff as well.  His feet are big, his bone is big, clean and flat, he travels wide front and rear and he has this unbelievable look up front.  He also couples that with great rib shape(not just deep and soggy but true curviture) and a level hip.  His dam is a littermate to Complete Game and his granddam goes back to our old Prenup line.  Take note of this one!!!!!!!!
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt 2014 San Antonio Jr Stock Show
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2013 NAILE
  • 3 out of the 4 Class Winning Market Hogs at the Naile were sired by Crackin Down
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 Kosciusko Co, IN
  • 5th Overall Division 2 NJSA Duroc Gilts 2013 Summer Spectacular
  • Reg#: 565364003
  • EN 9-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Dress To Kill
Dam: Pruda( Dress to Kill's mom) Wow X Big Splash X Prom King X Reality Check (she is also littermate to Here and Now)

CREATIVITY is the more moderate, heavy boned, heavier muscled boar of the pair. He is also very good looking and extremely square. 

Innovation and Creativity are the result of extreme line breeding. Their sire( Dress To Kill) is out of Here and Now and Bred to HERE AND NOW'S littermate sister(Pruda). The litter of HERE AND NOW and Pruda is the best litter to ever be farrowed and weaned here at PPBS. I then took DRESS TO KILL and bred back to his mother (Pruda). The results made INNOVATION and CREATIVITY. A simple but neat fact is that in this intense, linebred litter, we had NO JUNK--NO swirls, NO extra dew claws, NO crypts and NO ruptures.
  • Reg#: 381121004
  • EN 2-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Watch and Learn
Dam: Honeymoon x Meatpacker (Grand gilt at WPX 2016)

CRYIN SHAME came from one of my most anticipated litters ever. Being the first litter from the grand gilt WPX 2016. Needless to say, we were excited upon the arrival. Cryin Shame was a stud from early on. He was the dark skinned, geek necked one that paraded with confidence in the crate and up to the point of pinching a nerve in his back around 150-180 pounds. (Thus, no picture) He was and still is big footed, stout boned, tall shouldered, giraffe necked with muscle and squareness. Up to the point of injury, he was extremely sound and athletic. It was a Cryin Shame that he hurt himself, but I believe in this one enough, I bred 40% of this upcoming crop to him. Understanding I had more elite red boars this fall than ever before. Along with the fact of having more red boars in total than females to breed. In my opinion, this speaks how confident I am in his potential to do great things.
  • 5th Overall Duroc Gilt 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • 5th Overall Division 1 Duroc Barrow 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • Grand Champion Gilt 2019 Layette Co,In
  • 4th Overall Gilt 2019 Lawrence Co,In
  • Reserve Overall Market Hog Jefferson,Co,IA
  • 7th overall Duroc Gilt 2019 OYE
  • Champion Lt Wt Barrow 2019 Dixie National
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2019 Travis Co,TX
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2019 Dixie National
  • 5th Overall Barrow (Champion Purebred) Iowa State Fair FFA 2018 Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt Division 1 2018 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2018 Noble Co,In
  • 3rd Overall and Champion Duroc Fayette Co,In Open Show 2018
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2018 Benton Co,In
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2018 Wells Co,In
  • 7th Overall Barrow 2018 MLE - Champion Duroc Barrow
Sire: Lifetime
Dam: Red Bull

CULTURE SHOCK is a unique individual combining foot size, athleticism,muscularity,squareness and awesome look into one. Red Barrows that look like,move like and have an attitude like CULTURE SHOCK WIN.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 148792002
  • EN 2-2
Sire: Sock it to Me
Dam: PSSS Convoy

DLS is a hog that I bought to breed 1 sow to. We feel like this ones length and extension up front is to die for. He ties this into with some real genuine shape and dimension out of the back side of his shoulder. DlS is a hog that has some intriguing features, and when bred right this could get scary good.
[ Cross ]
  • Stress Negative
Sire: War Wagon (Mason's)
Dam: Ultimate Force

Diversity was an online purchase that has been a great positive surprise from day one.  This guy is very stout in his features, extremely square in his build and has this huge center rib cage.  His back and butt are really big as well!  He has this great side design and, of course, he has this unique color.
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2013 White County, IN
  • Reg#: 396310003
  • EN 9-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Total Conviction
Dam: Amplify X Honeymoon's mate sister

Double Down has me Chris Danner excited about making square,sound and extremely pretty show hogs. Double Down has 2 shots of Challenger and 2 Shots of Honeymoon's Dam in his blood. Arguably 2 of the prettiest fronted,soundest red boars we have seen and made an impact on the breed in the last few years. If you are a betting person and wagering a bet do it with authority and DOUBLE DOWN
  • Reg#: 552487003
  • EN 1-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Here and Now
Dam: Wow X Big Splash XProm King X Reality Check  (Here and Now's littermate Sister)

Dress To Kill has been a special from birth. He is bred to breed on true  and honest being Here and Now back on his littermate sister. He combines all of the good in that litter of Here and Now's which was Blake's Reserve Yorkshire Barrow at the 2012 Indiana State Fair jr. Show. A Class Winning Gilt at the Indiana State Fair Jr. Show,Champion Yorkshire Barrow at White County fair that ended up being 4th Overall and three other class winners at county fairs. Every hog has a fault and his fault is not being dead perfect at his knee. Other than that,this guy is easily the best Yorkshire,and maybe the best hog we have ever raised,I feel you can breed to this guy with total confidence to make purebreds or crosses. He is special he is Dress to Kill.
  • Reserve Yorkshire Barrow 2015 NBS Jr Show
  • 5th Overall Gilt 2015 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Yorkshire Barrow IL 2015 State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Yorkshire Boar 2015 Ohio State Fair
  • Grand Overall Gilt 2015 NJSA
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2015 White Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2015 Whitely Co, IN
  • Class 4 Class Winner 2015 WPX Open Show
Sire: One More Round 
Dam: Non Typical X Gary Coleman

Drinks on Me was named Reserve Champion Boar at 2019 STC. Grandmother is mother of Main Attraction. This is the young good looking square built one that is extra sound that continue to grow well since STC. Comes from a firm that believes in the boar that they want to use him hard this fall.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Made Ya Look
Dam: Bone Collector

Drop Kick was purchased at Crossbred Classic summer of 2016. Drop Kick is a bigger scaled, heavy boned, muscular boar that has muscle and squareness from the ground up. He has a great look while still maintaining that soundness through his hind leg. Drop Kick is NOT a soft pasterned boar, and at the time of writing this I have seen the first pigs. He is a boar that looks to be a hog that can fix the pastern issue by the looks of these babies and his phenotype. What I have seen out of his babies, they are good pastern, nickle bigger with a stout good look, great big round rib and plenty of muscle. Keep Drop Kick in mind to make some positive changes.
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2017 White Co, IN
  • Stress Pending
Sire: Visionary
Dam: Point Maker

DUNK TANK is a really interesting hog. This guy is stout, good looking and really wide and square. He is extremely balanced with really good muscle. Protect this guy on his front pasterns and the rest of this guy is really good!
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 145808003
  • EN 56-3
  • Stress Negative
UNO x Big Rig x Dakota x Vendetta

EIN was a $20,000 off-the-farm purchase in spring of 2015. Thanks for Russell for letting this come to Chalmers. Those that know me well know, I do not like to spend money like this often, so to say that Sue and I were blown away is an understatement! EIN'S skeleton, in my opinion, is as good as it gets. He has great toes, heaviness of bone, rib shape, squareness, both front and rear, and tremendous muscle. Couple all that with a giraffe neck and balance makes this guy a must use.
  • Champion Chester 2016 NWSS
  • Champion Chester Gilt 2015 State Fair Of Texas
  • Reserve Chester Barrow 2015 NBS Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall 2015 Land of Lincoln Barrow 2015, IL
  • Champion Chester Barrow Missouri State Fair and 4th Overall
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2015 Il State Fair Jr Show and 4th Overall
  • Reserve Chester Barrow 2015 IL State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Chester Barrow 2015 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2015 Ohio State Fair
  • 5th Overall Gilt Johnson Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Chester Barrow 2015 Team Purebred
  • 4th Overall Chester Gilt 2015 Team Purebred
  • 3rd Overall Chester Gilt 2015 Team Purebred
  • Reg#: 369112002
  • EN 15-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Won't Stop
Dam: Challenger

Mother of Energizer is pictured below at Champion Points Iowa Jackpot Circuit 2014. Shown by Tyler Frasher, Bred by Andy Platner, Sired by Challenger
  • Reserve Grand Barrow Wells Co,In 2017
  • Class Winner San Antonio Jr Gilt Show 2017
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt 2017 San Antonio Stock Show Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2017 OYE
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 Autsin
  • Reg#: 500286001
  • EN 6-1
Sire: Statement
Dam: Raise Em Up X Flat Bill (Mother of Champion Hampshire Barrow 2017 American Royal )

EXCLAMATION POINT was good the day after Kent took this guy off the feeding floor even though he needed a serious bath.His toe quality,angles  feet and legs make those that like structure like this guy extremely well. Combined with his look,balance and muscle a must use boar. He will see use here in Chalmers.
  • Reg#: 152044002
  • EN 4-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bluegrass
Dam: Ein X On Command

Fescue is a good pig that comes out of a good litter of pigs reining our best keeper gilt for the 2019 breeding season. His dam was the high selling female at the 2015 WPX and in her first litter put two gilts in the top 5 at expo. The 3 other littermate sows to her have done an extremely good job for Kneese and have quite the track record. If you want to focus on making the next generation better and add a sow family that can get it done the join in on adding FESCUE.
  • Reg#: 379071002
  • EN 7-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Fireball
Dam: King of Outkaws X Flash Drive

Filthy Harmony was purchased from Kent Brattain off the farm spring 2017.  His dam is a littermate to Kallie's red gilt that was named 4th overall and barrow that was named 5th overall at Lville NJSA 2015.  I told Kent that barrow cost him a lot of money when he was cut.  Wow, what a barrow and I am positive I am not the only fan.  That in my opinion makes Filthy Harmony even better.  Filthy Harmony is the most like a boar we called Special Collection that we have had since that time.  I think it is perfect timing to add that type to the lineup. Tall shouldered, squarer built, very shapely, perfect length of body and sound.  This guy has a serious chance.
  • Reg#: 379675002
  • EN 21-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Amplify
Dam: Honeymoon Litter mate Sister

Final Thoughts was purchased Jan 2017.The Drive into  Eggers farm that night was interesting because the fog was so thick,one needed to cut it with a knife. However the only thing not foggy that next morning was my vision for a Final Thought.When I entered the Barn, Final Thought was in the pen giving me a side profile. Joe was headed towards the row with the Cross Boars,I glimpsed that way and back to the reds.Final Thoughts litter mate brother stood up and I took a brief look and my eyes went back to Final Thoughts. I then did not want to play my cards to hard so I started the tour on the crosses with Joe. All of this at the beginning was short and even though I really enjoyed looking at the cross boar SGI buys we could not turn the corner fast enough. Up close Final thoughts I see awesome Toes,Big Legs, Square Built ,proper angles , a great look and really good muscle. I dig this guy and that is my Final Thought.
  • Reg#: 334953004
  • EN 12-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Rib Crib
Dam: Buck Fever x Deep Red

Flash Drive was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. Flash Drive was the different boar at the show. His look and design are as good as it gets. His toes are square, joints are clean, teat quality is excellent with a clean sheath. His color, skin, and hair are right as well. This guy’s widest point is at the ground. He is as Ox like as I have seen for a while. Unique but not perfect. Take Flash Drive to those females that have power and use him to make them more correct and sound.
  • 2017 Champion Duroc Gilt Wisconsin State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 California State Fair
  • Reserve Grand Overall Morgan Co, IL
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2015 National Western
  • Class Winning Gilt 2015 OYE
  • Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Class 4- Class Winner Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2014 Hamilton Co, IN
  • 3rd Overall Duroc Barrows 2014 NJSS
  • 5th Overall Duroc Barrows Division 2 2014 NJSS
  • Class 1 Duroc Gilts Winner STC 2014
  • 4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2014 WPX
  • Reserve Duroc Gilts Division 1 2014 WPX
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow 2014 Owen Co,IN 2014
  • Grand Champion Overall Duroc Market Hog 2014 Sioux Falls
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Boone Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Putnam Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 White County, IN
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 5th Overall
  • Champion Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Open Show Sold for $9,500
  • 97,000 Champion Duroc Boar WPX
  • 4th Overall 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
  • Reserve Duoc Gilt 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
  • 3rd Overall Division 1 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt 2016 Delaware State Fair
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2016 Huntington Co, IN
Dirty Favor mom

I have seen pictures and videos of this hog since he has been a baby, and he has always been real impressive! Then you tie phenotype with a legit combination of genotype! Taking one of the most influential boars combine with a sow that comes out of a firm that kicks them out! This thing is bred to be a breeding hog that needs to see those cool looking sissy made sows! In one generation this one will make you athletic, stouten you up, and give you a back-pin set that is unbelievable hard to build!

Attitudes first set of pigs that have started hitting the show ring!
  • Grand Overall at MN State Fair
  • Champion Heavy Weight Colorado State Fair
  • Reg#: 611180006
  • EN 1-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Under Control 2-5
Dam: Under Control 18-7

FOOT WORK was named champion at Fall Classic 2017.  This guy is a super complete, yet an off center Yorkshire boar.  This guys forearm and center rib cage are unequaled of what we have seen in quite some time. For those that think this is because of age, well I have done my homework and I know this guys age is legit!  At 450 pounds his pastern set was perfect, his toes and bone work are totally ideal and the fact he looks like a York boar that gave this breed the statement "the mother breed".  Guys and girls, it is time to reclaim that and use one of the best breeding Yorkshire boars I have seen in a long time.

Coupled with the fact the FOOT WORK has been done in making a breeding hog genetically as well.  His sire and dam read the same on both sides of his pedigree.  To simplify it, the top side reads- Out Of Control X Exclusive and the dam side reads Here and Now X Empire. That is the same for both sire and dam.

I may be wrong, but I think this guy reads big time for making Yorkshire females.
  • Reserve Yorkshire Gilt 2019 Mo state Fair Open Show
  • 4th Overall Yorkshire Gilt 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • 4th Overall Division 1 Gilt 2019 NJSA Summer Spectacular
  • Reserve Premier Sire 2019 Exposition
  • Reserve Yorkshire Boar 2019 Exposition
  • 3rd Overall Division 1 Gilt 2019 Exposition
  • Reg#: 381226003
  • EN 6-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Full Shift (Frozen Semen)
Dam: Honeymoon X Bold Ruler

FULL SHIFT 6-3 is a direct son from Frozen semen from the original FULL SHIFT 145-1. FULL SHIFT 6-3 dam was purchased from Doug Stewart the same time as the Grand Gilt from WPX Jr Show 2016. This sow was 48-2 was stouter,wider and honestly more everywhere than the champion gilt, Immediately I Knew she was being bred to the old FULL SHIFT boar. There were 6 gilts and 3 males. I sold 2 gilts this spring with one showing at the WPX Jr Show by Drew Jacobson and she was 4th Overall Division 1. Not bad for a 10 year old boar. We retained 4 gilts and 6-3 was the best boar of the 3 so he is here.  FULL SHIFT 6-3 is extremely square coming and going. He has an awesome look in being clean headed,tall shouldered and and shapely from shoulder back, He is athletic ,has awesome skin and hair and high quality teats. This guy is not for all because he needs protected on bone. However beyond that on thing,hang on.
  • Reg#: 120275001
  • EN 142-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Heat Stroke
Dam: Torque x Man In Black x Stimulus

Kyle bought the Stimulus Granddam at the 2010 Belton and bred her to Man In Black with a barrow out of that litter being named champion at Houston in 2011.  He took a littermate sister and bred to Torgue and made the res. Champion barrow at 2012 Houston.  He also retained 3 littermate sisters out of that litter which remain his only berk females on the farm today.  One of those is 120-9, raised the champion berk barrow at Houston in 2014.  She is also the dam of Godwin which came in her previous litter.
[ Landrace ]
  • Reg#: 128240012
  • EN 25-12
Sire: Revolution
Dam: Green Top General

Going Green was the Champion Landrace at Belton in Spring 2015. My thoughts are he was the best Boar for his breed at the show. He is square,sound,tall shouldered,big ribbed and heavy muscled. He also has the traditional ear for a Landrace. Use this one with confidence.
  • Reserve Champion Landrace 2016 NWSS
  • Reserve Landrace Gilt 2016 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Landrace Barrow 2016 San Antonio Stock Show
  • Reg#: 619481006
  • EN 90-6
Sire: Lessons Learned
Dam: Altitude

*Class winning boar 2018 WPX
*Extreme Look and Bone tied in 1 package
*Comfort Of Build and Muscle shape is way neatly combined
*Outcross pedigree to Gain Control,Amped Up and High Country pedigress

Semen will be available for FALL BREEDING!!!
  • Reg#: 401393001
  • EN 3-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Consensus
Dam: Steel Pipe x Challenger (Amplify Littermate Sister)

HAWAIIAN DELIGHT was purchased off the farm from Joe this winter. His dam is a littermate to Blake Danner's 4th Overall Barrow at the 2017 Indiana State Fair. HAWAIIAN DELIGHT'S Granddam is a mate to Amplify as well. Then being out of Consensus this guy doesn't disappoint. He is super square, sound, muscular with rib, body and a good look. This is one that Joe was talking about as a little one and he is sure the part as a big one as well. Treat yourself and get a little HAWAIIAN DELIGHT.
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 162926009
  • EN 16-9
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Reason Why
Dam: Bullfrog

HEAD STRONG was purchased at Belton 2017.  As the top selling boar there I thought this guy demanded attention when studying his running gear.   This stout featured boar has huge feet and legs and cruises with ease and squareness.

His shoulder height and hip height are dead level with a strong level top line.  In the first 3 weeks at home we have stripped the extra condition off of him and he has more look and defined muscle than at the show.  Therefore, Head Strong hits me harder now than then.  We think this guy has very bright future here at Purple Power.
  • Reserve Spot Gilt 2018 Ill State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Supreme Overall Gilt 2018 San Angelo Stars Gilt Show
  • Class Winning Spot Gilt 2018 San Antonio
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 150182003
  • EN 8-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Jumper Cables
Dam: Ein X Bonecrusher

When we walked into the farrowing house and saw that the Chester sow had 10 nice pigs, which was unusual, we knew there was sow power here! The dam of HEAVY DUTY was a $6,000 purchase at the Sweethearts of the Summer Sale. She is a littermate to the Champion Chester Barrow at the 2016 WPX shown by the Jacobson family. Then the granddam would have raised the Res. Supreme Champion at the 2016 Arizona National and she was the top-selling gilt. Needless to say, they do not get much better than genetically and phenotypically than this. HEAVY DUTY is sound and correct with also being heavy duty. Use him with confidence.
  • Reg#: 529088006
  • EN 8-6
Sire: WOW
Dam: Big Splash X Prom Kin

Here and Now is out of a purebred female from OSU. A littermate to this female won his boar class at Expo in 2011.The Grand dam is a littermate to Jump Start at A Cut A Bove. Here and Now comes from a very strong litter. He is square,athletic,muscular with look and balance. Here and Now is a really good hog.
  • Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Yorkshire Barrow 2014 Team Purebred
  • Champion Division 1 Yorkshire Barrows 2014 WPX
  • Reserve Yorkshire Barrow 2014 WPX
  • Oldest Class Winning Gilt 2014 San Antonio Stock Jr Show
  • Champion Yorkshire Gilt 2014 WTC Open show
  • Reserve Yorkshire Gilt 2014 WTC Open Show
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2013 Fulton Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 Cass Co, IN
  • Reserve Yorkshire Boar 2013 STC sold for 60,000
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 161532002
  • EN 19-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Instant Addiction
Dam: Bullfrog

  • Reg#: 362645001
  • EN 12-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Impeccable
Dam: Royal Flush X Buck Cherry 1-6

Thank You Joe Eggers for sharing this one with us. Not many boars today are selected off a slatted floor, but that is exactly where I found HONEYMOON. My first observation was his toe quality striking the slats, then up to enormous and gigantic big legs. Then I noticed how tall shouldered and good looking he is. He has a great boar skull on him and the way he cats around in the pen with no effort and maintains a super square travel pattern. I guess the only thing I haven't mentioned is, teat quality, muscle, and skin and hair. All plusses except he is a little lighter pigment than what I prefer. When we priced HONEYMOON we asked Joe if we could name him this because Joe has met his match in life with Jamee. I wish the two of them the best and if you all want to meet your match, you may want a HONEYMOON as well.
  • 3rd Overall Barrow Iowa State Fair 2016 4-H Show
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA Show
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2016 NJSA SW Regional
  • Grand Overall Gilt Oklahoma State Fair 2016
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2016 NJSA SW Regional
  • Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Barrow 2016 Il State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Overall Gilt 2016 IL State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt 2016 IL State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2016 Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2016 Arkansas Junior Series
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2016 NJSA WPX Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Gilt- Champion Division 3 Winner, Class 15 Winner
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt 2016 NJSA WPX Jr Show, 3rd Overall Division 3 - Class 12 Winner
  • 3rd Overall Barrow Div 1 - 2016 WPX
  • 5th Overall Barrow Div 2 - 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • Reg#: 381121005
  • EN 2-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Taking Lessons
Dam: Honeymoon X Meat Packer (Grand Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show)

Honor Roll has been fun to watch develop. Being out of GERTRUDE expo Champion 2016,we were excited to see this litter. HONOR ROLL was a green baby that has grown really well and developed proportionally,width,depth and length all go hand in hand. If we can make barrows that look like this we will be near the top every time. This guy did not just take lessons .we made the HONOR ROLL.
  • Reg#: 373410002
  • EN 39-2
Sire: Honeymoon
Dam: Challenger

Hot Commodity combines look and muscle into one package. This guy is jerked necked,wide chested,level topped and big ended. He comes from a deep litter of males with several good barrows in good homes for state fairs. If your need are to extend yje front end andnot to give up baes width look in here.
  • Reg#: 356758001
  • EN 1-1
Sire: Incentive
Dam: Lifeblood X Full Shift X Special Collection

IGNITE has us lit up here at Purple Power. This guy looks like a BIG TIME BARROW SIRE. When you study his pedigree it is no wonder why.His sire Incentive has 2 shots of Special Collection in him and Lifeblood was out of Line Em Up which was a special collection and the great grand dam of IGNITE was also out of Special. Full shift, Prenup and Totally Awesome all set in this guys pedigree. About IGNITE, he is bigger footed, stouter boned and skulled than Special. He also has more lower butt as well. His shoulder height is awesome. He is wide, square, muscular and super sound. We have not had one that IGNITES us here at Purple Power like this one in quite a while!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Class 5 Winning Duroc Gilt 2016 Southeast Regional
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2016 NWSS
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Artic Blast
Dam: B57 X Red Bone X Hibilly Bone X Sound System X Adino

Even though he has been having an identity crisis, yes he knows he is good! A heads up boar that just has everything that blends! When you get up high on this one, you find an impressive rectangular back shape and then follow that all the way to the ground, square and mobile coupled with great big feet and legs! Hey, there is nothing wrong with using one that is good built, balanced, with true muscle and body!
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Champion Market Hog 2017 Chickasaw Co, IA
  • Reserve Breeding Gilt 2017 Chickasaw Co, IA
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2017 Vermillion Co, IN
  • Reg#: 349952003
  • EN 203-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: 90 Proof
Dam: High Profile x Full Shift

Incentive has us very excited here at Purple Power. I recieved a phone call from Brian Anderson at the end of October about this one. Brian's statement was "This one is potentially as good as I have seen in 2 or 3 years." When Kyle stepped Incentive off the trailor at Duncan to show him to us, Sue said to me later that his name needed to be two steps. By the time he took his second step off the trailor she knew we would have to figure out a way to write the check for him. Sometimes life takes a little extra INCENTIVE to stretch. We feel the incentive to invest in this guy as he combines the feature, width, power, and added muscle to make show barrows; yet at the same time is tall at the point of his shoulder and has the added body shape and extension to make gilts. Couple this with his show hog look, clean sheath, and exceptional underline quality, we feel Incentive puts together what the breed needs the most: flexibility and muscularity into one package.
  • Reserve Grand Champion Overall Weanling 2014 Fall Classic
  • Class1- Winner Duroc Barrows 2014 NAILE
  • Reg#: 344012009
  • EN 24-9
  • Stress Negative
  • BF: .70
  • LEA: 8.0
Sire: Triple Rock 2-5 (Res. Grand Boar, 2012 WPX)
Dam: Torpedo Justified

INCREDIBLE was purchased at the 2013 WPX. When I found this guy, I knew that he had to be in Chalmers. Thanks to Mike Bond for allowing this guy to be here in our stud. INCREDIBLE is really good and square in his travel and build. His rib shape is INCREDIBLE, and his look and muscularity are INCREDIBLE as well. So many overlooked this one but, I didn't. You need to make sure you don't either.
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2014 Fall Classic Selling for 13,000
  • Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2014 Allen Co, IN
  • Champion Division 1- Class 2 Winner 2014 NJSS
  • Class 6 Winner STC Duroc Gilts selling for 6,000
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 163497007
  • EN 3-7
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Downtown
Dam: Sharp Shooter

INNER CITY  was purchased at WPX 2017 where he was named the youngest class winner. This guy offers so many positives it is unreal.His feet and bone are enormous. He is square in his build and is extremely sound. He has extension,great top line and equal shoulder and hip height that allows this guy to balance extremely well. Not to mention above average muscle for a stress negative boar. Most of us are Country folks but for those serious about the spotted breed you need to go INNER CITY!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4th Overall Gilt 2018 Wells Co,In
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2018 Benton Co,IN
[ Duroc ]
  • Reg#: 322851003
  • EN 19-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Full Shift
Dam: Timberwolf X OJ Jr.

Integrity is one unique creature. Never before have we had a red boar that combines this much structure and this much rib, power and muscle all in one package. If you need to power one up and want to maintain a look with soundness, look in here.
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2014 NJSA Southeast Regional
  • Class 6 Winner Duroc Gilt 2014 NJSA Southeast Regional
  • Reserve Grand Overall 2014 OKJSA Banner Blowout
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Oregon State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Market Hog FFA California State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2013 Southwest Regional
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2013 Delware Co, IN
  • Class 6 Class Winning Duroc Barrow 2013 WPX Jr show
  • Reserve Divison 1 Duroc Gilt 2013 WPX Jr Show
  • 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt 2013 WPS Jr Show
  • 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt 2013
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2013 Arizona National
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
  • Class 2 Winner Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
  • 5th Overall Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2012 WPX
  • 5th Overall Duroc Barrow 2012 WPX
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2012 WPX Open Show
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt 2012 WPX Jr. show
  • Champion Bred and Owned Gilt 2012 NJSA Western Regional
  • Reserve Bred and Owned 2012 NJSA Western Regional
  • Champion Lt Wt Barrow 2012 San Antonio
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Market Hog 2012 Arizona Nationals
  • Class 1 Winning Boar 2011 Fall Classic
  • Reg#: 593177004
  • EN 13-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Old School -  Mighty Mack 74-1 x Grizz
Dam: Wow x Daddy Mack

INTERCEPTION was literally intercepted right before Rodibaugh's were to leave for Belton 2017.  Whether we talk Phenotype or Genotype this guy turns heads.  Genotype = older pedigrees where look, squareness, feet and legs were a high priority.  INTERCEPTION is really good in those areas.  Phenotype = tall shouldered, awesome look, squareness, rib shape, balanced proportions of width, depth and length with really good muscle.  It's time to let a blast from the past bring you to the future of 2018 pigs.  Think of INTERCEPTION.
  • Reg#: 558070007
  • EN 9-7
  • Stress Negative
Sire: White Sock
Dam: Shock Collar

JETLINER was purchased at CPS Summer Conference 2017.Being named the youngest class winner this guy caught our eye. JETLINER has a good look square chest, really good rib shape with a long fluid stide behind. This guy looks better on the move than standing still.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 148107003
  • EN 3-3
Sire: Big Wheels
Dam: Bone Jack

Jumper Cables was purchased at Belton 2016. Being named Champion and of the most talked about boars in the barn! The thing that I most appreciate about Jumper Cables, is when you look at this guy your eye isn't saying what would I like to fix about him! On the other hand this guy has big legs, a great look, super square, tall shouldered, a big rib cage, and lots of muscle! Jumper Cables is the real deal he will Jump start the Chester breed!
  • Reserve Champion Chester Barrow 2017 American Royal
  • 2017 Minnesota State Fair 4-h Reserve Champion Chester White Gilt
  • Champion Chester White Gilt 2017 Clay Co, IN
  • Champion Chester White Gilt 2017 STC
  • Champion Chester White Gilt 2017 Jasper Co Open Show
  • 5th Overall Gilt 2017 Pulaski Co, IN
  • Champion Bred and Owned Barrow 2017 Team Purebred
  • Class Winning Gilt 2017 San Antonio Gilt Show
  • Reg#: 152451005
  • EN 5-5
Sire: First Take
Dam: Banjo

KILLIN IT was named champion at Indiana State Fair 2018. I had no intentions of buying another chester boar but when one hits the ring that i feel could make a big impact in the breed that my son has such a passion for, he needed to come to Chalmers. KILLIN IT structure is what sets him apart from the rest in terms of stout, square and agile. When people see this guy on first glance they notice how big his legs are. Couple that with extreme squareness and to top that off his ability to be the true athlete and stride out and go so effortlessly. His look, rib and muscle all the fit the package. One of the last boars we bought out of the state of Texas in this breed was EIN. Not that I expect much but this guy hits me harder than he did.
[ Yorkshire ]
  • Reg#: 533167001
  • EN 61-1
Sire: Mighty One
Dam: Moonshine

King George was purchased off the farm from George and Eric Watson in May of 2012. I would like to start by saying thank you to George and Eric for allowing us to have this great breeding piece. This guy is STOUT! Toes are big and square, his bones are clean, big and heavy. He is wide at the brim of his nose and that width carries to the root of his tail. This guy’s frame score is exceptional for today’s standards. His muscularity is as good as any York I have seen this summer. He’s a super athlete with balance, width, and squareness. If you’re trying to figure out if I’m trying to make this one sound like a great one… YES I AM! This guy fits among the very best yorks we’ve had at Purple Power!
  • Premire Sire Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • 2 Class Winning Gilts Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • 2 Class Winning Gilts Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Howard County, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe County, IN
  • Class 3 Yorkshire Gilts 2013 WPX Open Show
  • Reg#: 359662003
  • EN 3-3
Sire: King of Outlaws
Dam: Lil Dirt

Litter mate sister was champion in the open show at world pork expo!
We would like to think that we can find some real breeding hogs that can make the future better!! When we went to Kent Brattain's in March we new this one had to come to Chalmers! Through various offers and KTB herd mark becoming even hotter through out the year it was a no brainer to get him to Chalmers! This guy has us excited for the future! KING OF QUEENS is an extremely stout hog that has the added value of a good look a hard combination to find… This boar is a big bodied hog that has all the power and genuine muscle you need! This guy is stout, wide, balanced, with a look!! Not to mention he has a winning pedigree from a great breeding hog firm.

Champion Duroc Gilt 2015 WPX Open Show
Shown by Jaci Horton
  • Reg#: 396507005
  • EN 14-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: EST
Dam: Honest Abe

KISSING BOOTH was found at the farm when looking at Behind The Scenes. This guy is a mid February boar that is real cocky. At first glance, you see a tall shouldered, square chested, big ribbed, level topped and hipped boar. When you couple his look with the face he has a slightly different pedigree he became a bell-ringer. KISSING BOOTH is one of the better red ones i have seen this summer. As for his name, I think if you are to enter a KISSING BOOTH, it is best to not be related. That makes this guy safe.
[ Landrace ]
  • Reg#: 127985005
  • EN 1-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bad Cat
Dam: Slingblade x General Lee

KOOL KAT was a private-treaty purchase from Kent Brattain in spring 2015. He is a littermate to the Champion Landrace Gilt at the 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show and San Antonio Open Show. His dam was Champion Landrace Gilt at the 2013 NJSA WPX Jr. Show. KOOL KAT has what many Landrace need right now. His toes are big and square,his bone is big and way above average for a Landrace. He is tall shouldered, good looking, extremely square, both front to rear, with good muscle and great balance.
  • Kool Kat Littermate Sister:
  • Champion Landrace Gilt at Ft Worth Stock Show
  • Champion Landrace Gilt San Antonio Open Show
  • Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt Houston Jr Show
  • Shown by Libby Rogers Purchased through David Arnold Bred by Kent Brattain and Family
  • Reg#: 342905003
  • EN 6-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Flash Drive
Dam: Lasting Impression x Ladies Man x Final Approach x Special Collection

KRYPTONITE comes out of a great sow line. His mother was 5th Overall Gilt at the 2012 WPX. That gilt's grandma was a popular class-winning gilt in the 2011 Indiana State Fair Jr. Show and was called a foundation female by the judge. His daddy, Flash Drive, was purchased specifically to breed to KRYPTONITE'S dam, Gucci. KRYPTONITE has looked like a boar from the day he was born. He's always been stout, wide and big centered. He's got an extremely long front end with tremendous body and mass, which makes him unique. Adding to all of this, is KRYPTONITE'S ability to take a long stride on both ends of his skeleton.
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2014 IL Open Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Mason Co, IL
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2014 Putnam Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2014 Newton Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Gilt 2014 Fulton Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall West Otterfield Fair, MN
  • Reg#: 153035001
  • EN 25-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Adios (Zwei son)
Dam: Hill Jack

LEAD THE PACK was purchased at 2018 STC.  Coming in a very young package, he was an extreme eye catcher in his look and build.  Square, tall shouldered, stout, with body, rib and muscle are all plusses.  His development since being home has only made us like him more.  His dam was hog college gilt in 2017 and wins the double bat award.  Don't follow-LEAD THE PACK!!!!!!!!!!
[ SPOT ]
  • Reg#: 167841002
  • EN 47-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Walk the Line
Dam: Game Changer

LEVERAGE was purchased off the farm before any shows in May 2018. I thought he was the best Spot boar that Greg and Grant had to offer out this group. LEVERAGES best look is on the move in his ability to travel with his long stride and staying square. He has a great look,excellent turn to his rib and a really long square hip.  HE IS AN OUT CROSS PEDIGREE NO LOUD MOUTH, GET LOUD, MOMENTUM.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 152051004
  • EN 29-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Heavy Duty
Dam: Salary Cap

LIFESTYLE is a correct, square, complete boar that is tall shouldered, shapely and athletic.  The sow line here has winners behind it as well.  LIFETYLE's are better when kept in balance.  I think that best describes this boar.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: New Standard
Dam: Best Man x (32-5) No Mercy x Black Onyx x Warfare

LITTLE KITTY was a great find for Purple Power and our customers. The dam came from the heart of Egger's sow herd with 32-5 producing daughter, grand daughter etc. of over 50% of Joe's herd. LITTLE KITTY is bred to make elite barrows. Super stout,very extended, square built, long strided and plenty of shape and muscle. If I was a betting man, there will be alot of Meows a the backdrop out of this guy.
  • Champion Market Gilt Fairbault Co,MN 2019
  • Grand Overall Market Hog Hartford Co,OH 2019
  • Grand Overall Barrow 2019 White Co,In
  • Champion Division 1 Cross Gilt 2019 White Co,In
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2019 Bartholomew Co,In
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 150669001
  • EN 1-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Kosher
Dam: Jonesy

Live Action was Sue's favorite boar of all boars at the WPX in 2012.  This guy still looks like his picture.  He is still heavy structured,square,with muscle.  He has a great look to make the next generation of winners.
  • Reserve Grand Champion Champion Jr Barrow 2013 Keystone
  • Champion Spot Gilt 2013 Keystone
  • 2 Class Winning Gilts 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr show
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr show
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow White County, IN
  • 2 Class Winning Gilts 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr
  • Class 1 Spot Gilts Class Winner 2013 WPX Open Show
  • Champion Spot Barrrow 2013 WPX Jr Show
  • 2 out of the top 5 Spot Gilt at 2013 Team Purebred sired by Live Action
  • 3rd Overall Spot Gilt 2013 Team Purebred
  • 5th Overall Spot Gilt 2013 Team Purebred
  • Class 2 Winning Spot Gilt 2013 Team Purebred
  • Reg#: 493430001
  • EN 7-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Booted Out
Dam: Point Maker

Look again is out of one powerful Hampshire sow. She has already produced the Champion Hampshire at the '16 NWSS, The champion Hampshire and Res Supreme Female at '16 Ft Worth, and the Champion Hamp Gilt at '16 San Antonio!! This youngest class winner from the STC is sired by Booted Out, and his dam raised the reserve Hamp barrow @ '14 Njss, champ Hamp and 4th overall @ '14 Indiana State Fair, and the the Res Hampshire Gilt @ '15 OYE. Two generating sows in one pedigree!! Look Again is extremely tall fronted and square built. He has great turn to his rib, massive in his center body, and has an incredible appetite. Perfect Pasterns and square toes. Clean jointed and flat bones make this one impressive and unique Hampshire boar!
  • Reg#: 393140009
  • EN 8-9
Sire: Bear Claw
Dam: New Direction

LOST IDENTITY is a full sib to the Champion gilt 2018 OYE. LOST IDENTITY has a very cool look,square build with good rib and muscle. If your female is stout and needs extension ,look and athletism don't be lost find the boar ,use LOST IDENTITY .
  • Reg#: 501214010
  • EN 227-10
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed New Breed Purity Test 90%
Sire: Black Magic
Dam: Tiger (littermate to the dam of Lethal)

MAGIC TIGER is a boar that originates out of one of the Grimm sows that now stands at Walkers. Tall Shouldered,Big Feet and legs with excellent shape. Magic Tiger will be used on some of the Hampshire females we purchased this summer.
  • Reg#: 398998001
  • EN 56-1
Sire: Consensus
Dam: First Class X impeccable

MAD DOG was purchased at Duncan 2018 where he was named Reserve Champion. In writing this commentary three weeks after the show I Can only tell you that I think we got a great bargain here. He is unreal how he looks right now. MAD DOG comes from a great litter with litter mate sisters showed and one being named Champion gilt along with three litter mates retained at the farm to be sows. MAD DOGS look ,squareness ,muscularity and extreme soundness make this guy special. This guy is a great addition to our already deep set of red boars.
  • Reg#: 48152006
  • EN 2-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Rainy Day
Dam: Full Circle X Muscle Milk

MALL COP was a private treaty purchased from the Lopp family . I seen this litter one week after they were weaned and knew is was going to be really good. MALL COP is a big footed, heavy structured that is tall shouldered with good rib shape, Being stress negative I consider this guy really good muscled,square in his built and really balanced. I think this guy is really,really good.
  • Champion Poland Gilt Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Poland Barrow Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • 5th overall Barrow 2018 Team Purebred
  • Champion Poland Barrow 2018 Team Purebred
  • 3rd Overall Poland Barrow Team Purebred
  • Champion Poland Barrow 2018 WPX
  • Reserve Poland Barrow 2018 WPX
  • 5th Overall Poland Barrow 2018 WPX
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 163268001
  • EN 2-1
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Mic Drop
Dam: Fandango

I pride myself in finding some great gems that fell a little too low in class at a show. In 2017 Mission Accomplished in the feet in finding this awesome specimen that is a total outcross to the Get Loud, Loud Mouth line. That makes this guy MISSION ACCOMPLISHED times 2 in my mind. I find MISSION ACCOMPLISHED good looking, square built, muscular, sound, stout featured and balanced. Oh boy what a find here.
  • BF: .6
  • LEA: 9.5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Mountain Man
Dam: 9 to 5

Mountain Time wins class At 2013 Crossbred Classic. This guy feet are big and square,his bone work is big and flexible. He is square made boar that travels with ease. He comes in a little bit more moderate package with really good muscle. Nathan Ray said this was the most anticipated litter for the winter group 2013. All 5 gilts are retained to make sows out of. His dam  is a gilt herself and maternal Grand dam is the best generator ever to be at Ray Show pigs. She raised the 2012 Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt at the 2012 Iowa State Fair,Champion Lt Wt Dark Cross at 2012 San Antonio plus many other winners.
  • Grand Champion Overall 2014 American Royal
  • Champion Cross 2014 American Royal
  • Reserve Cross Gilt 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Putnam Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Clinton Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe, IN
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2014 St. Joe Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe Co, IN
  • Reserve Champion Ellis Co Expo, TX
  • Champion Cross GILT 2016 Delaware State Fair
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 152302002
  • EN 58-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Live Action
Dam: S&L (Time Change littermate sister)

MULLET MANIA was the Grand Champion Boar at the 2013 Purple Power Sift & Sale. He comes out of a great sow, being Time Changes littermate sister. MULLET MANIA is tall fronted, heavy boned, extremely square and muscular with a great show ring look.
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2014 Indiana State Fair
  • 5th Overall Spot Gilt 2014 Team Purebred
[ Poland ]
  • Reg#: 43775001
  • EN 4-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Boogity Boogity
Dam: Nom Nom Nom

We finalized the deal on NASCAR a week before the 2013 STC. We are so happy we did, because we felt he would have scared away the competition. This guy's running gear is extremely square, straight forward and correct. He's tall shouldered, good ribbed, muscular and balanced. Hop on track with NASCAR.
  • 4th Overall Poland Gilt 2014 Team Purebred
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 148250001
  • EN 21-1
Sire: Ein
Dam: On Command X Old school (mother of grand slam)

Blake found Never Lose Focus at the farm in December. His comments to me, "If you do not buy him, I will be buying semen wherever he goes." Obviously the only question at that point is, How much do we have to write the check for. I personally did not think it was possible to like this guy more then EIN, but I was wrong! EIN was heavier boned, but from there; He is more in all areas except he is not as big scaled, which for me is a good thing in this case! However he is for me is a good thing in the case. However he is wider chested, squarer kneed, bolder ribbed, with more shape and a longer stride. In this business it is important to NEVER LOSE FOCUS!
  • Reg#: 479074005
  • EN 8-5
  • BF: .65
  • LEA: 10.2
Sire: Capital Investment
Dam: Real Deal

New Adventure was our pick of not only all the hamps, but all boars at Duncan 2012.  This guy is stout, square and muscular with the abiltity to take a long flexible stride on both ends of his skeleton with an agressivie attitude.  A nice surprise is that he has a huge appettite.  I have yet to make a pig good or a sow milk that did not eat really well.  He also was from a good litter in that 3 sisters were retained back to breed.  Purple Power has not been known for hamps and this is a New Adventure for us,  do not let that stop you here from just making better hamp and cross showpigs.
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Wedding Night
Dam: Warfare X Big Ern

We are extremely pumped to be laying in this unique herd sire from the 2017 crossbreed classic! Night Moves is going to make them tall shouldered, opened up, while maintains a legit balance and build! We love this things uniqueness of look, balance, and a big Shapley back! Make sure to seek Night Moves for your 2017-2018 pig crop!
  • Reserve Grand Champion Overall LaPorte Co,In
  • Grand Champion Overall Field of Dreams Futurity Show
[ SPOT ]
  • Reg#: 166612003
  • EN 3-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Saving Grace
Dam: Right Kind

NO EXCUSES was purchased at STC 2018.  We found this boar as a changer.  Super elevated and not as long bodied as most spots right now.  His length of leg, cannon bone and strong pasterns, coupled with big legs and muscle while being in a negative package make this guy unique.  I almost forgot to mention, he is also an outcross to Get Loud and sons.  This guy gives us NO EXCUSES to make some much needed changes.
  • Reg#: 387210004
  • EN 4-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bear Claw
Dam: King of Outlaws (WOLF SOW)

NO RULES was purchased off the farm from Kent Brattain. His dam needs no introduction in saying she is the Wolf gilt from 2015 and the dam of WATCH N LEARN. NO RULES puts 3 things into one package that seldom happens extreme look,bone and muscle all in a very square and sound package. Need I say more. Please come and view this beast you will not be disappointed.
  • 3rd Overall Barrow 2018 Bartholomew Co,In 2018
  • 5th Overall Division 2 Barrows Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2018 Warren,Co In
  • Class Winning Barrow 2018 NJSS
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2018 STC Open Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Rush Co,In 2018
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2018 WPX- Champion Duroc Barrow
  • Reg#: 492516003
  • EN 80-3
Sire: Outlaw
Dam: Power Point

Blake and Sue bought NO SHOW at Indiana State Fair 2016. We will leave the reason for his name alone so we do not embarrass anyone. As for NO SHOW ,he is stout ,wide,square,muscular with a good look and big rib. Use on bigger,prettier sows to power them up.
  • Reg#: 393443002
  • EN 14-2
Sire: Cryin Shame
Dam: Challenger

No Worries is from the deepest litter of reds we have farrowed. The whole litter of 12 were jet necked ,moderate built with rib and body. No Worries is a mate to Blake's Barrow that was 5th Overall in the heavy Division at NJSS 2018. These guys are unique in the look massive rib and posses crossbred type muscle.
  • Reg#: 366569004
  • EN 22-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Won't Stop
Dam: Anticipation x Buck 1-6

One Stop is a purchase off the farm from Tres Amigos.  The Anticipation dam was purchased by them from Kyle Riggs.  The Buck 1-6 granddam is also the same granddam as in Honeymoon and Amplify.  This will make for some interesting breedings.  One Stop hit me hard for how correct his structure is especially his hip and hind leg along with how rugged built he is.  I believe this one can make a lot of improvements in the breed simply because of his length of hip and angles and flex the way he moves.  Study this one,  ONE STOP!
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 157907005
  • EN 2-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Get Loud
Dam: Radio Active

Grand dam is a littermate to ENTOURAGE 
Great Grand dam was a class winner at the Iowa state fair open show 

On The Run was purchased at the 2015 WPX. On The Run was purchased to be able to be put back on all the great females that have been being bred here at PPBS! This guy is unique in being tall shouldered, good looking, monster ribbed, on a running gear that is super flexible! On The Run can fix some soundness issues if he Sires the way he looks! Muscle, Bone, Balance, and squareness all are really good!
  • Reserve Champion Spot Gilt 2017 Tulsa State Fair 2017
  • Reserve Champion Spot Gilt 2017 MO 4-h Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 San Antonio Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2016 Oklahoma State Fair
  • Reserve Champion Purebred Barrow Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Grand Champion Purebred Gilt Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Champion Spot Boar Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Reserve Spot Boar Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Reserve Spot Gilt Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2016 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • 4th Overall Spot Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Spot Barrow 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • Reg#: 496415005
  • EN 3-5
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Grandfathered In Under New Testing
Sire: Black Magic
Dam: Carry On X Tiger

One of the best mature Hampshire boars we have ever seen.  Tall shouldered, awesome look, square chest and absolutely huge feet and legs is what you will notice at first glance.  His rib cage is good, muscle good and angles to his skeleton are really good as well.  We are super stoked that OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS stands here in Chalmers and he is part of the reason we have purchased Hampshire females this summer.
  • 5th Overall Hampshire Gilt Indiana State Fair Jr Show 2018
  • Reserve Grand Overall White Co,In 2018
[ Hampshire ]
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Carry On
Dam: Four Nickels

Paradise was named Reserve at Belton 2016.  This guy is unique and I am confident he is better than his picture because the camera man could not keep up with this fleet footed sprinter. He is huge boned with all the flexibility you want.  He is wide, muscular and yet maintains a great look.  He is PARADISE, " He'll make Hampshires better."
  • Stress Pending
Sire: Mall Cop
Dam: Full Circle x Muscle Milk

PAUL BLART comes from the same firm that raised Mall Cop. PAUL BLART is the same mating as the Reserve Poland Barrow at Indiana State Fair last year. PAUL BLART is extremely square, sound and travels with some length of stride. His muscle and body density are both very good. PAUL BLART is one to add to the list to obtain an outcross pedigree to the majority of the Poland’s out here. This guy isn’t just a mall cop; we personalized him and named him PAUL BLART.
Sire: Drive Shaft
Dam: Off Label 15-1

We may of stole one out of the expo, and good thing no one filed the police report! This hog comes from Kurtis Kolb and we are excited to have Brett Anderson &Joe Eggers farms join in on this hog with us! A Duroc boar that can make you barrow oriented in one generation! A stout skulled, tall shouldered, big expressive back, bold rib cage and stout pin set! This deal has look and power and can handle it! Even though the stock market in real isn’t something you want when writing this, this Penny Stock is definitely worth investing into.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Armed and Dangerous
Dam: Fortune

POP STYLE was named Reserve Grand Male 2017 Field of Dreams Sift and Sale. We are extremely happy the way he grew out. This guy
is extreme in look, foot and bone. He is really tall shouldered, geek necked and great top line. His squareness and muscle are really good as well. Use this guy on those plainer, big bodied sows as POP STYLE is the type to change one in the first generation into the style being picked in 2017.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 149635005
  • EN 90-5
Sire: Infusion
Dam: Ein

POUND SIGN was named Champion at the 2016 Fall Classic
with already having a really stout set of Chester Boars in our lineup,we thought this guy complimented them extremely well. POUND SIGN is really stout, complied with the fact he is tall shouldered,awesome look with plenty of muscle. When things get tough look for the POUND SIGN.
  • Reserve Champion Chester White Barrow 2017 NAILE
  • Reg#: 500634008
  • EN 86-8
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed New Breed Purity Test 92%
Sire: Game Over
Dam: Man Against Boys

POWER OF VETO was purchased at Duncan 2018.  I can honestly say the one thing I had NO INTENTIONS to buy at Duncan was a hampshire because the breed is in an uproar on which direction it needs to go.  POWER OF VETO was a boar that we thought moved our personal herd forward.  This guy in our opinion was the biggest ribbed boar of all breeds we seen at Duncan.  When you couple that with square, stout and sound in a moderate plus package, we think that good things can happen.  As for the name, POWER OF VETO, those that watch Big Brother understand the name is a  game changer, as we think this guy will be here in Chalmers.
  • Reserve Hampshire Bred and Owned Gilt 2020 Southeast Regional
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 138836002
  • EN 4-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Home Brew
Dam: Sniper (Texas Holdem littermates sister)

Premium Blend is a really interesting hog. Tall fronted, wide chested, monstrous rib and a long level top and hip. For a negative, he still possesses the extra shape we all still want and need.
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2013 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Spot Barrow WPX Jr Show
  • Reserve Bred and Owned Barrow 2012 Team Purebred
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2011 Illinios State Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Spot Gilt 2011 Illinios State Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2011 Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Bred and Owned Spot Barrow 2011 and 4th Overall Team Purebred
  • Reserve Bred and Owned Spot Barrow 2011 Team Purebred
  • Class 1 Spot Barrows Houston- Class Champion 2011
  • Reserve Grand Overall 2010 Team Purebred
  • Champion Spot Gilt 2010 WPX Jr. Show
  • Spot Sire of the Year 2009
  • Champion Spot Gilt 2009 Missouri Jr. show
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2009 NBS Jr. Show
  • Reserve Champion AOB Market Hog 2009 Kansas State Fair
  • Champion AOB 2009 Kansas State Fair
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2009 Ohio state Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2009 Ohio State Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2009 Indiana State Fair Jr. show
  • Champion Spot Gilt 2009 Iowa State Fair FFA Show
  • Reserve Black OPB 2009 Ft Worth
  • Reg#: 381105005
  • EN 160-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Bloodhound
Dam: Red Rock

PROJECT X was purchased at the WPX 2017. I found this boar very interesting and almost absolutely impossible to duplicate thru his front foot to shoulder to upper blade,and back onto his center and upper rib, He is out of a pedigree on both sides that is slightly different and therefore PROJECT X was purchased to go back on at least one of our Full Shift daughters. I failed to mention the back third isn't bad either,just the front 2/3 is amazing.
  • Grand Overall Barrow Knox Co,In
  • 5th Overall Barrow Division 1 Barrow 2018 Indiana State Fair
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 146362002
  • EN 11-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Snapchat
Dam: Northbound

This guy comes out of an extremely deep, winning pedigree. His dam was Champion Bred-and-Owned, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 5 th -Overall at the 2013 Team Purebred summer show. A littermate was Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 4 th -Overall at the 2013 WPX. She also was Champion and High-Selling in the open show. The granddam was Champion at the 2011 NBS ® , and she was also high-selling. Now let’s talk about PUNCH LINE . This picture was taken at just shy of four months of age. He has attributes that most Chesters need. I don’t need to make a long description here – come see PUNCH LINE in person and let him speak for himself.
  • 3rd Overall Chester Barrow 2018 Team Purebred
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2017 Missouri State Fair
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Reserve Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
  • 3rd Overall Barrow 2016 Henry Co, IN
  • Reserve Champion Chester Barrow 2016 MLE
  • 5th Overall Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
  • Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
  • Champion Bred and Owned Chester Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • 3rd Overall Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • Reserve Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
Sire: The Prophet
Dam: Untouchable X Super Monster

If you want to just make hogs better look in! This one is extremely tall shouldered and and compliments that with a great balance form the side with an athletic skeleton! This one is true and wide In his skeleton wile maintaining as much power and stoutness as you can pack in one! Not to mention a big round rib with a giant back! Needless to say we think this thing has a bright future.
[ Poland ]
  • Reg#: 45150005
  • EN 1-5
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Like No Other
Dam: Nom Nom Nom X Bank Note X Holy Cow

Rainy Day was the Champion Poland Boar at the 2014 Fall Classic. This guys pedigree is stacked along with the fact that Curt Watson is one of the hottest Breeders in the Poland breed right now,complied with this guys phenotype makes Rainy Day a sure bet. I think Rainy Day is as square,balanced,and correct as you can find. Good Rainy Days allows for prosperous times in any circle of life.
  • Champion Poland 2016 NWSS
  • Champion Poland 2016 Arizona National
  • Reg#: 135997002
  • EN 16-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Godwin
Dam: Destination City

Real Life was named champion and purchased out of the Field Of Dreams sale spring 2016.  Real Life is honestly just that, REAL.  Big feet and legs, tall shouldered, busted open, square, big ribbed, very muscular, along with a great look.   Easy to feed.  Looks like this eating no show feed, just our boar ration.  REAL LIFE!!!!
  • 4th Overall Gilt 2017 American Royal Gilt Show
  • Champion Berkshire Gilt 2017 American Royal
  • 5th Overall Barrow Knox Co, IN
  • Class Winner 2017 STC
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2017 Monroe Co, IN
  • Champion Gilt Newton Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Gilt Georgetown, IL
  • Reg#: 497385009
  • EN 32-9
  • Stress Negative
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed Breed Purity Test 96%
Sire: Black Magic
Dam: Tiger (littermate to the dam of Lethal)

REPUTABLE was purchased a Duncan 2017 as he was the youngest class winner.  His name Reputable is in respect to the breeder of Jim Grimm.  Hi has sold his sow herd this late summer and my personal thoughts are great for him and bad for the young people.  Jim, Thank You for setting the bar high for ALL breeders to try to measure up to.  For those reading, I am not even thinking about the hogs even though that bar was set extremely high as well.  I appreciate the example you have set as a breeder of just doing things RIGHT.  A great role model as a dad to a young daughter and son in law, along with an eighteen year old son of the examples we all can learn.  THANK YOU!!!

As for the boar, I think he follows his breeder in a lot of respects, you don't have to make any exceptions.  This guy covers the basics of square, stout, muscular with a balance look.  Jim says his dam is a really good female that stands out coupled with the fact she is really good in the crate as well.  108 SPI.  Great breeding boars come from great females!!!!
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 154156004
  • EN 45-4
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Time Change
Dam: S&I x Graffiti

RIGHT ROUND is a purchase from Duncan in 2013 .Even though he was a baby in the mature show,he was Blake's first choice of all Spot Boars there. This guy is extremely square,tall shouldered and balanced. He is muscular in an attractive ,sound package. Barrows and gilts that look like this will win shows.
  • Reserve Champion Weanling Spot Barrow 2014 Fall Classic
  • 2016 PA Farm Show Reserve Spot Barrow
  • Champion Barrow 2015 NBS Jr Show
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2015 Wisconsin Barrow
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2015 Wisconsin Barrow
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2015 Indiana State Fair Spot Barrow Jr Show
  • Grand Overall Barrow 2015 Minnesota State Fair
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2015 Iowa State Fair FFA Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow Puntam Co, IN
  • 3rd Overall Barrow 2015 Team Purebred
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2015 Team Purebred
  • 2 Class Winning Gilts 2015 Team Purebred
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2015 WPX
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2015 WPX
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2016 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Spot Barrow 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Hell on Wheels (Bone in Hand X Monumental)
Dam: Marshal Monster

RIVERSIDE is a must see Boar. He is really hard to make in being really big legged ,geck necked and moderate in length of body. A barrel rib cage and massive top and hip with a very fluid set of feet and legs. This one will see use here in Chalmers. Oh I forgot to mention his damn make good hogs. Blake's Division 1 cross Champion in 2015 at Indy was out of this sow too.
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Road Warrior (littermate to Reserve Grand at NAILE (Red Belt))
Dam: Super Monster x Beef Cake (Littermate to Caveman)

Road Monster was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. This guy has big feet, heavy boned , wide chested, big forearmed, excellent rib and good muscularity. His frame score is right and his balance is excellent to make competitive crosses.
  • Reserve Champion Gilt 2013 Crossbred Classic sold for 25,000
  • Reserve Cross Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 3rd Overall
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow Washington Ct House, Ohio
  • Grand Champion Overall Barrow Lawerence Co, Ohio
  • Reg#: 349793004
  • EN 19-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Crakin Down
Dam: Hype X God's Gift

Rock Revival was purchased at Duncan 2013 in winning the youngest boar class as an August born.  He looked awesome then and even better now.  If you ask Joe Eggers about the red sows in his herd, he will be talking about this guys dam and granddam as they are the backbone to his red program.  Rock Rivival has square toes, good bone, excellent joints, angulation, stout skulled, with a great look.  He is tall shouldered, square bilt, muscular, very balanced and sound.  We feel like we stoled this one, unlike a pair of Rock Rivivals.
  • Class 1- Winner Duroc Gilts 2014 Fall Classic Selling for 5,000
  • 5th Overall Division 1 Barrow 2015 WPX Jrv Show
  • 4th Overall Gilt Bred and Owned 2015 WPX Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2015 National Western
  • Class Winning Barrow 2015 Ft Worth Stock Show
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Sharp Dress Man
Dam: Swagger X Bear X New Beginnings

ROUGH CUT is a littermate to the original boar here we called Clean Cut.  The litter these two came form was extremely deep.  Rough Cut honestly had more look and shapely muscle than Clean Cut.  They have sired more stoutness than what they look.  Use Rough Cut with confidence you will get stout, shapely babies that are easy to feed.
  • Reg#: 153956001
  • EN 35-1
Sire: Killin It
Dam: Otis x Demi

We were talking about what to name this boar coming out of a real generating sow. Mallory decided to name him Round Table because you could of a great big 5 course dinner on his back. This is a sound, mobile, very balanced boar that has the extras of muscle and dimension all the way through his skeleton. Use Round Table on those sissy made ones that are tall shouldered and neat looking!
  • Reg#: 577634003
  • EN 23-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Invite Only
Dam: Hooch

RSVP was purchased at IN State Fair 2015 as Sr. Champion. This guy has an awesome look. His look and extension up front, great body compensation, square penned and lower muscle in his ham make this guy unique. When one steps away from any angle, he meets you with a design that wins. When you get up close to him you will find lots of power and mass. His dam raised a 37000 dollar boar at Duncan last fall which to means that mommy is doing her job well. Do yourselves a favors do not miss the party at the picture backdrop,make sure you RSVP.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Flying High
Dam: Spray Tan X Caught Napping X Hickory 

SAFE LANDING is a young boar that is exactly his name SAFE. He is the boar from early on that was big legged, square built ,balanced with good muscle and big future. He has always had the huge flag staff of a tail. This guy needs to be rephotoed as he matures so watch the website for that.
  • Reg#: 1486020013
  • EN 15-1
Sire: Hilljack
Dam: Double D

39,000 Record Selling Chester Boar from 2016 STC

Salary Cap was purchased at Springfield Summer 2016,becoming the record breaking Chester boar that day at 39,000.

I had been to Armstrong's in mid may and really liked him and Sue and Blake really liked him at the show,with Blakes 's love and passion to make them better Chester's,our family thought he bought a new piece to the party of what we think is already a super set. If you want your Chester's stout,good looking,extended front ends with squareness,soundness and muscle.Look no farther. Use the one that put us at our SALARY CAP.

  • 4th Overall Barrow Knox Co, IN
  • Champion Chester White Barrow 2017 Jasper Co, IN
  • 5th Overall Gilt Laporte Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Kosciusko Co, IN
  • Champion ChesterGilt 2017 Kosciusko Co, IN
  • Class Winning Chester Gilt 2017 WPX Jr and Open Show
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Straight Forward
Dam: Shoot Em

  • Class Winning Boar 2019 from Belton
[ SPOT ]
  • Reg#: 166292002
  • EN 11-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Pistol
Dam: High Life (Champion gilt at Oklahoma State Fair 2015)

SHOTS FIRED was a purchase off the farm while at Duncan in 2017.  Jamie said he had a really good one this summer and later on said he had hurt himself.  Unfortunately for him that he did.  This guy was about all I could think of from Thursday afternoon on after seeing him.  When viewing boars in the barn Friday night after all the shows, I honestly was not in a good mood.  I had seen this guy and a red boar that I wanted on the trailer real bad and honestly didn't have either one bought yet.  Jamie, Sue and I agreed on a price and instantly some pressure was off.  With this guy hurt the picture isn't going to tell the whole story of what I see in person.

First off, SHOTS FIRED is an outcross boar to the Get Loud and Sons pedigree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, he is extremely square in his make up and a spot that is tall shouldered, strong pasterned and some cannon bone length.  His head and neck carriage is high and good.  His top line is strong and correct.  He has excellent shape down his top and a big square hip layed in him.  As for soundness, his angles read right and his movement is square.  This guy has me pumped about our small herd of spots here because I know there will be a lot of SHOTS FIRED.
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 155243007
  • EN 9-7
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Changer
Dam: Entourage

SILVER TONGUE was purchased at 2014 Duncan.This guy is STOUT,STOUT,STOUT. It does not matter whether you read this thru his skull,forearm,foot size,bone size rib or mass,he is STOUT. Combined with his width and squareness from foot to the top of his skeleton. Silver Tongue has excellent set and flex to hos skeleton as well. Study how long and square this guys hip is too. Be the last to speak have a Silver Tongue.
  • Reg#: 161715003
  • EN 2-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Right Round
Dam: Radio Active

Slip knot was Sue’s choice at Expo 2016. Slip Knot is interesting in his build in that he has a giraffe neck, elephant feet and bones, and still is shapely about his muscle. Since Expo he has decided to eat and gain some body as well. He is a real find coupled with the fact that his dam is also the dam of On The Run. Slip Knot will be used at PPBS with a lot of confidence.
  • Reg#: 372478002
  • EN 10-1
Sire: True Identity
Dam: Moneyball X Triple Shift

Smoke Stack was purchased off the farm and we are sure happy he was bought off the farm. Smoke Stack has super big legs that when placed in motion, he still has a range of motion that most don't when making them this stout.  He is a wide chested, bold ribbed boar that is still square.  His look up front is not common in being giraffe necked when made this stout, big ribbed, big ended, all in one balanced package.
  • 5th Overall Duroc Gilt 2017 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • 3rd Overall Division 2 Duroc Gilt 2017 NJSA
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 Owen Co, IN
  • 5th Overall Gilt 2017 Knox Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2017 Whitley Co, IN
  • Stress Negative
Sire: The Duke
Dam: Bear 84

Snipe was purchased at the Crossbred Classic August of 2016. However I tried to buy him as a 50 pound baby earlier in the spring. Snipe has an awesome front end. He is tall shouldered, with a great look, and square chest. Super level from his blade to pin set. Snipe is a little more moderate and a deeper, bigger caged boar. It's hard to build hogs like this and maintain his look up front.
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 153222002
  • EN 1-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Call Waiting
Dam: Stand Back x S and L x Leap Frog

Speed Dial was purchased at Indiana State Fair 2013. This guy is incredible in his structural correctness,toes are good,he travels with ease and is square to the ground. This guy has a huge rib and the turn to the rib out of his blade is unreal. This guy should make better spots into future generation.
  • Champion Breeding Gilt 2014 American Royal
  • Champion Spot Iowa FFA Market Show
  • Reserve Minnesota 4-H Market Show
  • Class 1- Class Winning Barrow Indiana State Fair 2014
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Ninja
Dam: Sugar Ray

SPRAY TAN was purchased at Indiana Crossbred Classic 2017. His litter mate brother was named Champion and in my Opinion SPRAY TAN was only some sun light away from higher honors himself. SPRAY TAN has a huge appetite and is a fast growing hog. His squareness of chest,height of shoulder and boldness to his rib are all huge assets. He has perfect length of body with a square pin set and plenty behind. If you can go into the public, make sure you have a tan, even a SPRAY TAN!!!!!!! Right Zack Lear?
  • Grand Overall Gilt 2019 Putnam Co,In
  • Grand Overall Gilt 2019 Owen Co,IN
  • Reserve Lt Wt 2019 San Antonio Gilt Show
  • Champion Division 1 Cross Gilt Indiana State Fair Jr Show 2018
  • Reserve Grand Champion Barrow Van Buren,MI
  • Reserve Grand Champion Breed Gilt 2018 Newton Co Open Show
  • Reserve Grand Barrow 2018 Isabello Co,Mi
  • Reg#: 373403001
  • EN 1-1
Sire: Honeymoon
Dam: Crackin Down X Hype X Gods Gift

Steel Pipe is a boar that has more look with a combination of heaviness of structure and big hip of any I have seen this summer. Steel Pipe was Joe's and my favorite boar for him to take to the Expo and then he became all boar and more than a hand full to mess with. Joe asked if we were still interested in him and I jumped at the opportunity. This guy is giraffe necked ,awesome toe quality,big legs, square and sound.  His balance is impeccable with plenty of muscle. Steel Pipes mommy is not to bad either, being named Reserve Duroc Gilt at San Antonio 2013 and a litter mate to Rock Revival that stood here. This guy is taylor made to add structure, soundness and look. He will be used here in Chalmers and at the Eggers/Sampson farms.
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
  • Reserve Duroc Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 Missouri State Fair
  • 4th Overall Division 3 Duroc Gilts 2017 NJSA
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 151665012
  • EN 8-12
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Over The Top
Dam: Keystone x U-Turn

STONE SOBER is a purchase off the farm. He comes from a great litter with a barrow being named champion and third overall at the winter MSU Pig Show. Four gilts were retained for sows and this stout beast. STONE SOBER is impressive in his overall stoutness, body mass and muscularity. He becomes more impressive when placed in motion as he is sound, flexible and square. Along with this he still has a good look from the side.
  • BF: .97
  • LEA: 11.1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Sweet Tooth
Dam: Toxic 28-3

Sweet Emotions was purchased at Duncan 2012 being named 2nd in class 5.  Sweet Emotions was one of the truly square, super sound, big ribbed, good designed boars of the show.  AJ believed in him enough that he had several females already bred to him for the spring crop of 2013.  All reports from those that seen him at the farm said he was incredible as a fresh hog and that knowing that he knew he was a boar that he had lost just a little zip.  I think that we need to make hogs sounder and squarer and he fits this bill.  The other advantage is that his sire has had a great summer siring winners across the country.
  • Reserve Division 4 Cross Barrow Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2014 Cass Co, IN
  • 3rd Overall Barrow Lake Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Barrow 2014 Cass Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Division 2 Cross Barrows 2014 WPX -Class 9 Winner
  • Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog Polk Co, FL
  • Reserve Market Gilt 2013 Iowa state Fair 4-H Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Grand Champion Overall Guthrie Co, IA
  • Grand and Reserve Overall Hidalgo Co, NM
  • Champion Hamp Arriba Co, NM
  • Grand Champion Dallas Co, IA
  • Reserve Grand Overall Louisa Co, IA
  • Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Battle for the Banner
  • Grand Champion Prospect Breeding Gilt Aberta Lea, MN
  • Grand Champion Market Gilt 2013 Aberta Lea, MN
  • Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Cedar Co, IA
  • Grand Champion Overall Puntam Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2015 White Co, IN
  • Grand Overall 2015 Clinton Co, PA
  • Reg#: 492661003
  • EN 35-3
Sire: Carry On
Dam: Homegrown

We teamed up with Brattain Show pigs to bring our pick of the Hampshire boar show home from the Expo! Take Me Back is a good built hog that is square in his travel! He is tall shouldered and carries muscle down the topside of his skeleton! One that really gains his advantages is because he just isn't screwed up in any area! We feel like this one could Take Me Back and make Hampshire's bet.
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2017 Carroll Co, IN
  • Reg#: 382286006
  • EN 6-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Watch N Learn
Dam: Lifetime X Milestone

TAKING LESSONS was purchased off the farm from Brett. The first time I seen this guy he would of weighed approximately 100 LBS. All I know was he had to come to Chalmers. I went back the second time right before WPX and was even more convinced. Within 2 weeks after WPX I took Sue to look at him as well. By this time Brett had priced him, within 4 steps out of the barn, Sue said, lets do this.  HE is the REAL DEAL.  Not only is Taking Lessons the real deal, he has look, bone, muscle, balance, squareness, soundness and yes, a great sow family behind him.

Taking Lessons granddam is the Milestone sow that they have been building around.  They have several daughters out of her now and her last big win was the Rinderer barrow that does well at WPX and Summer Conference.  Not to mention, the full sib sister is the dam of the Grand Gilt and the Grand Land of Lincoln barrow at Illinois State Fair 2016.

Another littermate was Grand at Oklahoma State Fair and Southwest NJSA Regional.  So not only is Taking Lessons really good, the best breeding boars come from really strong sow families.
  • Class Winning 2019 American Royal
  • Reserve Champion Jr Champion Illinois State Fair
  • Grand Overall Barrow 2019 NBS Jr Show
  • Champion Purebred Gilt South Dakota State Fair
  • Champion Boar Kentucky State Fair
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt- Division 1 2019 Indiana State Fair
  • Champion Duroc Barrow 2019 Jack Co,TX
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2019 Wise,Co,TX
  • Class Winning Barrow 2019 Dixie National
  • Grand Overall Barrow 2019 Humphrey Co,MS
  • Bronze Medallion Duroc Gilt 2019 OYE
  • Champion Duroc Lindsay,Ok
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2019 Austin
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2019 NJSA Southeast Regional
  • 5th Overall Duroc Barrow- 3rd Overall Division 2 2018 NJSS
  • 4th Overall Division 1 2018 NJSS
  • Reserve Grand Overall Boar 2018 STC
  • 3rd Overall Division 1 Barrows 2018 WPX
  • Reg#: 537680006
  • EN 6-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Moore Power
Dam: Griz x Square Deal

Taloga was purchased off the farm as a little boar prospect from Larry Moore the week before Duncan, fall 2012.  Taloga reminds me alot of another york boar that I bought as a little prospect and that was Infinity.  It is scary how similar the two are in there looks.  This guy is stouter in his foot, bone and skull at this point with a bigger hip as well.  I really like how tall shouldered, good looking and square he is.  His top line is extremely good and the angles to his structure are as near perfect as you can get.  This guy should breed consistant with the lined up sow pedigree on both top and bottom side going back to Squaredeal.  We are excited about Taloga as we believe he is a blast from the past.
  • 3rd Overall Yorkshire Market Hog 2014 American Royal
  • Champion Yorkshire Gilt 2014 Tulsa State Fair
  • Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2014 OYE
  • Heaviest Classing Barrow 2014 NJSA Southeast Regional
  • Reg#: 130357001
  • EN 37-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Gunslinger
Dam: Caddillac

Target Practice was purchased at the 2015 WPX. This guy has really good structure in having Big feet,square toes,heavy boned and flexible. His square build,big rib and balance makes for a really complete,correct boar.
  • Reg#: 475740002
  • EN 10-2
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Roid Rage
Dam: Perfect Storm

Teenage Dream comes from the Mench family and the girls have hit the backdrop with pigs out of the dam and grand dam offspring.  Teenage Dream is  a heavy boned, bold ribbed, muscular boar that has style and balance.  His square and moderate built make him a must use to make those competitive barrows.
[ SPOT ]
  • Reg#: 165261002
  • EN 56-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Big Mouth
Dam: Right Now

THIN ICE was purchased off the farm while running in a pen of five boars. As I viewed THIN ICE he honestly reminded me of a previous boar we owned, SOS, which is the boar that sired the S&L boar that made a really big impact within the breed. His structural integrity needs no exception. Toes, bone work, squareness, angles and flexibility are all exceptionally good. He is tall shouldered, has a great look and impeccable balance. THIN ICE gets his name from the spill Susan and Blake both made while getting out of the truck to look at him and while I am writing this we have freezing drizzle outside, I am more than confident that THIN ICE can handle these conditions better than we can.
[ Spot ]
  • Reg#: 155377001
  • EN 23-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Premium Blend
Dam: Live Action X Fireball X S and L X Reload

Throwback is out of the retired Premium Blend boar.  His dam is the young class winner, fifth overall and champion bred and owned female from Team Purebred show in 2013.  In my opinion this is one awesome animal.  Footsize, bone, squareness, flexability, muscularity, balance and design are all A plusses.  His only negative is that  we about lost this guy after weaning and he could be slightly bigger for his age.  His frame score is not as big as Premium Blend yet no to moderate either.  Easily the best spot male we have ever farrowed here at PPBS.  Use with faith that his offspring will be good.
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2015 Indiana State Fair Spot Jr Show
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Giddy Up
Dam: Mountain Man X Black Onyx X Warfare

Throwing Shade was purchased off the farm and the best thing to say is he represents his name well. I think this guy can back up all the talk, smack, and antics that one wants to put out. This coupled up with coming out of one of the hottest farms in America right now. The Black Onyx sow was the granddam of San Antonio Champion Other Cross. With that stated, we ended up with Throwing Shade; Huge feet, big legs, clean boned, tall shouldered, awesome look, square built, standing and walking, great rib and muscle. If this guy is a barrow, you will find him with the purple banner more times than not. We found him here at The Purple as well.
  • Reg#: 543056012
  • EN 3-12
  • Stress Negative
  • BF: .65
  • LEA: 8.4
Sire: Spike
Dam: True Grit

TITANIUM is one of the true finds of the 2013 STC. Potentially the heaviestboned boar with that frame score and youthfulness at Louisville. His width of skull and length of head and neck carriage are unique and are hard to put together in this type of boar. Awesome for making Yorkshire and blue barrows.
  • Champion Yorkshire Barrow 2014 NAILE
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2014 NJSS - Reserve Yorkshire
  • Champion Yorkshire Barrow 2014 Team Purebred
  • 4th Overall Yorkshire Barrow Division 1 2014 WPX
  • 4th Overall Yorkshire Barrow-Reserve Division 1 2014 WPX
[ Landrace ]
  • Reg#: 138276002
  • EN 15-2
  • Stress Negative
  • Passes Purity Test
Sire: Hammer Fist
Dam: Going Green x Substitution

TKO is a unique landrace boar.  His point of shoulder height and heaviness of bone are unusual in this breed like he possesses.  His landrace characteristics of ear are good, his muscle and width of skeleton are really good and his balance when viewed from the side is really good as well.  Super sound in his movement and a good set of females behind him.  I had the honor of feeding his grandma right here in Chalmers in 2012 for another young man that showed out of our barn that year.  She was named Champion landrace gilt at the Indiana State Fair. In the time of transition, this guy has pure blood and competitive look all in one package.  Also a complete outcross to the Got Em line as well.
  • Reg#: 380228002
  • EN 2-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Believe In Me
Dam: Challenger

TOTAL CONVICTION was purchased at Belton 2017 and honestly I tried to buy him before the show with listening to Grant's Total Conviction.  We have purchased several boars from the Norman's now and without a doubt, Grant had more conviction on this guy than all the others added together and that includes Challenger and Right Round.  Needless to say those 2 need no introduction.  TOTAL CONVICTION is out of the same sow ($18,000 Challenger Female) that He's The One, Class Act, New Direction, Twister, and Grant praised Total Conviction extremely high amongst her offspring. His comment: "this guy is so flexible and correct with all that look." Do I need to say more. In my opinion he looks better today, three weeks later, than what he did at the show because he is starting to body back up. Total Conviction will get used here at PPBS.
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 143702006
  • EN 5-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: UNO
Dam: Direct Hit

TRES comes from a good litter of pigs. His littermates were the Reserve Grand Overall Gilt, 2013 CPS Extravaganza; Reserve Grand Overall, 2013 CPS Barrow Extravaganza; 3rd Overall Gilt, 2013 WPX Chester Jr Show. We think TRES is a winner himself. He's square, correct, heavy structured, sound, balanced, muscular and complete.
  • Reg#: 362917002
  • EN 82-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Carl 15-4
Dam: The Answe

True Identity is one awesome young herd sire. This guy reads complete and off center as much as any young Boar can. His complete look is the balance,extension,top line and squareness. The off center is that this guy drapes a huge amount of muscle on his skeleton that is flexible ,square and extra sound with a beautiful look up front. This guy has TRUE IDENTITY.
  • Reg#: 364356008
  • EN 15-8
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Light Em Up
Dam: Challenger X Integrity (Mother Reserve Duroc Gilt from Indiana State Fair Jr Show)

I want to thank Marty for allowing us to purchase this masterpiece to place into the stud here at Chalmers. When Marty walked this one out of the barn I instantly seen the flawless design of his mother that was showed last summer. The square built, good look, muscular, heavy structured animal that we all are in search for. Trump Card has these same attributes coupled with an unbelievable texture to his skin and hair for a red one. To this day he has not been clipped and what a silk smooth coat he has. DO NOT MISS OUT HERE. This guy is really good.
  • Reg#: 387243004
  • EN 4-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: War Paint
Dam: Honest Abe (Kryptonite XAnticipation)

TRUTH OR DARE was purchased at Louisville 2017. We are very excited to add this Boar to our already deep set of reds. For 3 years now,I have been looking for a boar that combines CHALLENGER and LADIES MAN . WELL TRUTH OR DARE is the one. Honestly by the time of Louisville  I was not in the market for another red boar. I guess it proves that if the one I wants shows up ,I am always ready to buy. TRUTH OR DARE looks like an awesome female producer. If this is true he wont be the first red boar on the bottom side of a lot of really potent red ones in our industry that came from Purple Power. TRUTH OR DARE is a slightly bigger boar that combines quality structure,squareness,look ,rib shape,balance with length of front end and one of the longest hips I have seen in a while. Yes everything I just said is the TRUTH.
  • Reg#: 132750003
  • EN 33-3
Sire: Main Attraction
Dam: Boom

This one for a Berkshire does so many things right! This one is a hog that is flawless built and can run all day! This is one that is massive and square that maintains so much shape over a great big cage! For a Berkshire all we have to say is WOW especially since we have gotten him home from Duncan 2016! Where he took reserve champion honors! Great Boars come out of great sows and the mother of UP IN SMOKE was 4th Overall Berkshire Gilt at 2014 WPX.
  • Reg#: 160178003
  • EN 11-3
  • Stress Carrier
Sire: Silver Tounge
Dam: Live Action

Vegas Bomb comes out of the 5th overall gilt and champion bred and owned at the Team Purebred event in 2013. That sow has done a very consistent job at just kicking out good ones for one example the 5th overall spot barrow at Indiana State Fair for the Parmely family. If you want one that is good built, with some big legs, while maintain look you better look in. We love this one’s build, and squareness off both ends of his skeleton. We think that it will be okay to make the spotted breed have a shot more frame and grow, while still having the est’s of look, build, and bone.
  • Reg#: 374010003
  • EN 6-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: King of Queens
Dam: King Of Outlaws (wolf gilt that wins pigplanet show 2015)

Watch N Learn was named by Kent and if this guy generates like we think, his name could say it all. This is a super stout hog that at 100 pounds standing at Kent's was quoted by some of the traffic as the best red hog they had seen at that time. His natural ability to add foot, bone, width, mass, correctness of structure is uncoupled to any. Never before have we had one this stout in his structure and put that with his ability to travel is unreal…
  • 4th Overall Breeding Gilt Jackson Co,In 2018
  • Class Winner 2018 STC
  • 7th Overall Gilt 2018 OYE
  • Class Winning Barrow 2018 FWSS
  • Reserve Grand Champion Gilt 2018 WTC
  • Reserve Grand Overall 2017 Kansas State Fair
  • Reserve Duroc 2017 Eastern Regional NJSA
  • Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt 2017 Cow Palace
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 NBS Jr Show
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 NBS Jr show
  • Class Winning Gilt 2017 SW Regional
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Kentucky State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Market Hog 2017 Colorado State Fair
  • Reserve Grand Purebred gilt 2017 Iowa State Fair 4-h Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Barrow Boulder Co,CO
  • Grand Champion Gilt 2017 Tippecanoe Co,IN
  • Reserve Grand 2017 Winners Advantage Jackpot Show, IL
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Owen Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Jasper Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Grant Co, IN
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 2 2017 NJSA
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 1 2017 NJSA
  • 4th Overall Division 2 Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX
  • Champion Bred and Owned Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX
  • Reg#: 406054001
  • EN 5-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Creed
Dam: In Style

WELL WATER is a boar that literally comes from one of the sources that year after has raised a red boar that makes a difference in the breed. For Example -Dynasty,Dynasty 4-4,Empire ,American Outlaw,Watch and Learn,No Rules,Unforgettable,King of Queens,The Process,Ready to Rumble,Simply Red,Midas,Second to None,Glory Days,Simply Irresistible,On Fire,Final Approach,Filthy Harmony And PSSS Gallo pin Ghost to name a few.

WELL WATER ranks VERY HIGH  on that list when you visit with Kent. WELL WATER has an absolute killer look that combines structure, muscle, soundness and balance. Then, you add his unique pedigree that reads different for most! All of this makes him a must use and on a very short list of the “to use” boars! Don’t mess around, grab a boar from the well, and use WELL WATER.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Chasin Fame (Fortune X Springsteen)
Dam: Fortune X Springsteen (Brother /Sister Mating)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE is a unique mating in breeding litter mates Brother /Sister to each other. Wheel of Fortune is a very attractive ,super stout that leaves you really square. He has really good rib shape,his muscle is ideal and I love this guy length of stride. With his mating like this,his predictability should be better as well. When breeding don't just spin the wheel. Spin the WHEEL OF FORTUNE.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Visionairy
Dam: Monster Pipe

We like to live life on the edge or at least willing to look at an ugly colored one that is. When the goal is to make those babies that are cool colored and still having an attractive look with a good running gear look no further. White T is a little like Visionaries babies coming at you, but from their back this thing is incredible. Big cage, square backed, stout hip, awesome hind leg, and lower crotch describes White T. We think when mated up to the right sows he can do even better then daddy due to the added bonus you get with Monster Pipe on the bottom side.
  • Reg#: 507553004
  • EN 53-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Buck Fifty
Dam: Cannonball

WOW is our Belton 2011 purchase that hit me as the soundest boar I have seen show in our entire time in the boar stud business. That dates back to 2001. WOW could stand for alot of things but in this case "Walks On Water". Sue says we should have named him Forrest as in the movie as this guy runs everywhere. He did that at the show and still does that in the process of trying to photo him. The pictures don't come close to getting what this guy looks in person. We photoed WOW empty, empty being out of feed and water for 24 hours trying to get him to poise for the photo shoot. We got him to slow up for a few photos but WOW, just won't stop. He obviously is super sound. His toes are square, joints and angles are excellent. This guy isn't the most in all areas but more than enough in all. He has that WOW factor in completeness, attractiveness, cockiness, and balance. Those that know me know I would rather spend 4000 and not 40,000 for a boar, but this guy was coming home to Chalmers, IN. I know everybody thought WOW when they heard he was coming to Purple Power.
  • Grand Gilt 2014 Newton Co, IN
  • Reserve Grand Overall McMullen, TX
  • Champion Yorkshire Boar 2013 Iowa State Fair
  • Reserve Premier Sire 2013 Iowa State Fair
  • Reserve Yorkshire Gilt Jr and Open Show 2013 San Antonio Stock Show
  • Class 2 Barrow Winner 2013 Southeast NJSA
  • Reserve Yorkshire Barrow 2012 Indiana State Fair Jr. Show
  • Reserve Premier Sire 2012 Fall Classic
  • 4th Overall Barrow Wisconsin State Fair Jr. Show 2012
  • Champion Performance Barrow 2012 Wisconsin State Fair
  • Premier Sire 2012 Summer Spectacular
  • Reserve Overall Gilt 2012 Summer Spectacular Open Show
  • Reserve Overall Boar 2012 Summer Spectacular Open Show
  • Reserve Division 5 Yorkshire Gilt 2012 Summer Spectacular Jr Show
  • Premier Sire 2012 SWTC
  • Class 11 WPX 2012 Jr show - Class Winner
  • 3rd Overall Division 4 York Gilts
  • 5th overall Division 3 Yorkshire Gilts 2012 WPX
  • Reserve Yorkshire Gilt 2012 SWTC
  • Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt 2012 CTBR San Angelo Gilt Show
  • High-Selling Purebred Gilt for $7,000
  • Class-Winning Gilt 2012 San Antonio Gilt Show
  • Champion Yorkshire Boar 2012 WTC
[ Chester ]
  • Reg#: 147193004
  • EN 47-4
Sire: Ein
Dam: Big Rig x Dakota x Vendetta (Ein'S Mom)

Talk about a unique creature for his breed! Thank you Russell Kneese for letting us purchase this awesome hog. This one is stout headed, long necked, and tall fronted talk about being mr sexy! You follow that back with one that is big backed with a ditch for a groove! He holds this over a bold sprung open rib! Then get to the back 1/3 impeccable is described!! Great set to his hip, which allows him to use his hind leg; while still being stout and wide with a robust skeleton!
  • Champion Chester Barrow 2016 Indiana State Fair Jr show
  • Sire of Boganwrights 35,000 Chester Boar 2016 STC
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