"Breeding one sow at a time"


  • Reg#: 422056006
  • EN: 11-6
Sire: Bomb Squad
Dam: Jimmy T

COME CLEAN comes from a hear that needs no introduction. COME CLEAN pedigree is in that same boat as well. To move forward in life one sometimes needs to look in the mirror and COME CLEAN with yourself. Just maybe that semen purchase comes from COME CLEAN. In visiting Kent's in Mid May COME CLEAN came around the corner and even I couldn't play poker on this one. He was ready to take on the strongest of competition. I asked Kent for a price and Kent said Kalen and Becca wanted to show this one. Fast forward to Indy and this one decided to become all boar. Not as wide and robust but still as good looking and sound as before. Believe it or not the boar did everyone a favor. He didn't bring as much money, semen will be cheaper and you still can use a boar from a breeder that has had more winners in Junior shows than most. A known fact for the younger breeders, in the late 1990's to early 2000's, there were 36 classes of red gilts and barrows at the Indiana State Fair 4H show. Kent's red pigs win 24 of those classes. Plus COME CLEAN had two littermates in the top 5 overall in the duroc barrow show at Louisville in July this year. Every once in a while it is ok to look in the mirror and just get real with ourselves COME CLEAN!!!!
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