"Breeding one sow at a time"


  • Reg#: 506283001
  • EN: 394-1
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Open Bar
Dam: Range Wars4-9 X Wrecking Ball

I am writing this description or commentary on March 15,2021. It is literally miserable outside and not complaining at sitting at the computer doing this. At the conclusion of breeding this past fall for winter pigs I picked up the phone and started to hunt for a certain type of hampshire boar. I was looking for a boar that was slightly bigger, bigger feet and legs and had a longer muscle design. In Blakes travels thru the winter he ran across WELL AWARE at Heimers. Blakes comments were "this is the boar you described to a T" I personally love the skeleton of this guy in being stout, square, and fluid with his movement. WELL AWARE has awesome feet, huge legs, a square front end, tall shouldered, a good turn to his rib and a really functional hind leg. For those that get all hung up on ear set then he may not be for you however, in my opinion where building better hogs is hard enough i prefer to look at a really well built foundation and we can worry about the other later. He will see heavy use here in Chalmers.
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