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[ SPOT ]

Prebook: $100
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 166292002
  • EN 11-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Pistol
Dam: High Life (Champion gilt at Oklahoma State Fair 2015)

SHOTS FIRED was a purchase off the farm while at Duncan in 2017.  Jamie said he had a really good one this summer and later on said he had hurt himself.  Unfortunately for him that he did.  This guy was about all I could think of from Thursday afternoon on after seeing him.  When viewing boars in the barn Friday night after all the shows, I honestly was not in a good mood.  I had seen this guy and a red boar that I wanted on the trailer real bad and honestly didn't have either one bought yet.  Jamie, Sue and I agreed on a price and instantly some pressure was off.  With this guy hurt the picture isn't going to tell the whole story of what I see in person.

First off, SHOTS FIRED is an outcross boar to the Get Loud and Sons pedigree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, he is extremely square in his make up and a spot that is tall shouldered, strong pasterned and some cannon bone length.  His head and neck carriage is high and good.  His top line is strong and correct.  He has excellent shape down his top and a big square hip layed in him.  As for soundness, his angles read right and his movement is square.  This guy has me pumped about our small herd of spots here because I know there will be a lot of SHOTS FIRED.
[ SPOT ]

Prebook: $100
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 165261002
  • EN 56-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Big Mouth
Dam: Right Now

THIN ICE was purchased off the farm while running in a pen of five boars. As I viewed THIN ICE he honestly reminded me of a previous boar we owned, SOS, which is the boar that sired the S&L boar that made a really big impact within the breed. His structural integrity needs no exception. Toes, bone work, squareness, angles and flexibility are all exceptionally good. He is tall shouldered, has a great look and impeccable balance. THIN ICE gets his name from the spill Susan and Blake both made while getting out of the truck to look at him and while I am writing this we have freezing drizzle outside, I am more than confident that THIN ICE can handle these conditions better than we can.
[ Spot ]

Prebook: $75
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 162926009
  • EN 16-9
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Reason Why
Dam: Bullfrog

HEAD STRONG was purchased at Belton 2017.  As the top selling boar there I thought this guy demanded attention when studying his running gear.   This stout featured boar has huge feet and legs and cruises with ease and squareness.

His shoulder height and hip height are dead level with a strong level top line.  In the first 3 weeks at home we have stripped the extra condition off of him and he has more look and defined muscle than at the show.  Therefore, Head Strong hits me harder now than then.  We think this guy has very bright future here at Purple Power.
[ Spot ]

Prebook: $100
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 163497007
  • EN 3-7
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Downtown
Dam: Sharp Shooter

INNER CITY  was purchased at WPX 2017 where he was named the youngest class winner. This guy offers so many positives it is unreal.His feet and bone are enormous. He is square in his build and is extremely sound. He has extension,great top line and equal shoulder and hip height that allows this guy to balance extremely well. Not to mention above average muscle for a stress negative boar. Most of us are Country folks but for those serious about the spotted breed you need to go INNER CITY!!!!!!!!!!
[ Spot ]

Prebook: $50
Overrun: $35
  • Reg#: 157907005
  • EN 2-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Get Loud
Dam: Radio Active

Grand dam is a littermate to ENTOURAGE 
Great Grand dam was a class winner at the Iowa state fair open show 

On The Run was purchased at the 2015 WPX. On The Run was purchased to be able to be put back on all the great females that have been being bred here at PPBS! This guy is unique in being tall shouldered, good looking, monster ribbed, on a running gear that is super flexible! On The Run can fix some soundness issues if he Sires the way he looks! Muscle, Bone, Balance, and squareness all are really good!
  • Reserve Champion Spot Gilt 2017 Tulsa State Fair 2017
  • Reserve Champion Spot Gilt 2017 MO 4-h Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 San Antonio Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2016 Oklahoma State Fair
  • Reserve Champion Purebred Barrow Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Grand Champion Purebred Gilt Iowa State Fair FFA
  • Champion Spot Boar Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Reserve Spot Boar Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Reserve Spot Gilt Indiana State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2016 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • Champion Spot Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
  • 4th Overall Spot Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Spot Barrow 2016 WPX Jr Show

Prebook: $100
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 48152006
  • EN 2-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Rainy Day
Dam: Full Circle X Muscle Milk

MALL COP was a private treaty purchased from the Lopp family . I seen this litter one week after they were weaned and knew is was going to be really good. MALL COP is a big footed, heavy structured that is tall shouldered with good rib shape, Being stress negative I consider this guy really good muscled,square in his built and really balanced. I think this guy is really,really good.
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