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Winter Pricing:
10-14-19 to 3-1-20:
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 49469001
  • EN-2
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Jackpot
Dam: Purple Rain

FUELED UP was named Champion Poland Boar WPX 2018. I think Breeding Boars come from prolific sow lines. FUELED UP dam is first litter gilt was Reserve Champion Poland at 2017 Fort Worth Stock Show,Her dam is a 8th parity Make it Rain daughter that is Stayton's foundation female. I personally think FUELED UP is taylor made to put back on the Mall Cop type females. He is monster caged ,tall shouldered and extra flexible behind. He is couples that with extra stoutness of feature as well.
  • Champion Poland Barrow 2019 American Royal
  • Reserve Grand Overall Poland Gilt 2019 Illinois State Fair Open Show
  • Champion Poland Gilt 2019 Kentucky State Fair Jr Show
  • 3rd Overall Gilt 2019 Adams Co,IN
  • Mother is a 1st litter sow & the 2017 Res Poland Fort Worth Stock Show
  • Grandmother is the foundation 21-5 Make it Rain sow. 8th Parity Sow with 5 direct daughters in the sow lot.

  • 21-5's winners include:
  • 2018 Res WPX Barrow & Current ICPA Point Leader
  • 2017 Indiana 6th Overall and Champ Poland Gilt
  • 2017 Michigan Livestock Expo Poland Champ
  • 2017 Res Gilt Fort Worth Stock Show
  • 2016 5th Overall Poland Gilt OYE
  • 2 San Antonio Class Winning gilts
[ SPOT ]
Winter Pricing:
10-14-19 to 3-1-20:
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 170671008
  • EN 4-8
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Fight Club
Dam: Dream Big

PUB CRAWL is one good looking, square, sound, athletic boar. There are some spots that can use this guys positive attributes in adding cannon bone, look and a running gear that is correct and all 4 go North and South. I am excited about the feature of this guy!
[ SPOT ]
Winter Pricing:
10-14-19 to 3-1-20:
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 166612003
  • EN 3-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Saving Grace
Dam: Right Kind

NO EXCUSES was purchased at STC 2018.  We found this boar as a changer.  Super elevated and not as long bodied as most spots right now.  His length of leg, cannon bone and strong pasterns, coupled with big legs and muscle while being in a negative package make this guy unique.  I almost forgot to mention, he is also an outcross to Get Loud and sons.  This guy gives us NO EXCUSES to make some much needed changes.
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