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Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 501334006
  • EN 41-6
  • Purebred Hampshire
Sire: Opportunity Knocks
Dam: Magic Tiger
Mate sister was 5th overall Hampshire at 2018 American Royal

THE BLACKLIST was raised by Walker out of a Grimm sow that he purchased when he acquired the Grimm herd. The Blacklist is one of the very best hampshire boars I have seen to date. He combines hard to build qualities in one package. This guy is stout, sound, sexy looking, and the proper bulk to win pig shows. Needless to say anyone that has seen him liked him growing up and he continues to impress us as a matur.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 499117005
  • EN 14-5
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed New Breed Purity Test 97%
Sire: Outlaw
Dam: The Master X Tippin Point (Pivot Point)
The Mother is litter mate to the 5th Overall Hampshire Gilt 2016 WPX

DESPERADO was in my opinion the real find at Indiana this summer. He comes from a tick older genetic package and is absolutely timeless in his build and make up. His power dates back 2-5 years and his look is spot on for 2018. To Purple Powers advantage this guy new what grass and concrete was but not shavings that were in the show ring. When Carly drove this guy into the ring he was timid and afraid to get out and go on the chips. Back on the bare concrete this guy had absolutely no problems. We are super excited to have this guy in Chalmers and even happier the Cook family seen quality in this guy as well. DESPERADO, tall shouldered, geek neck and absolutely busted open from one end to the other. Oh, did I say tree trunks for legs Look this guy up.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 500634008
  • EN 86-8
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed New Breed Purity Test 92%
Sire: Game Over
Dam: Man Against Boys

POWER OF VETO was purchased at Duncan 2018.  I can honestly say the one thing I had NO INTENTIONS to buy at Duncan was a hampshire because the breed is in an uproar on which direction it needs to go.  POWER OF VETO was a boar that we thought moved our personal herd forward.  This guy in our opinion was the biggest ribbed boar of all breeds we seen at Duncan.  When you couple that with square, stout and sound in a moderate plus package, we think that good things can happen.  As for the name, POWER OF VETO, those that watch Big Brother understand the name is a  game changer, as we think this guy will be here in Chalmers.
Overrun: $35
  • Reg#: 501214010
  • EN 227-10
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed New Breed Purity Test 90%
Sire: Black Magic
Dam: Tiger (littermate to the dam of Lethal)

MAGIC TIGER is a boar that originates out of one of the Grimm sows that now stands at Walkers. Tall Shouldered,Big Feet and legs with excellent shape. Magic Tiger will be used on some of the Hampshire females we purchased this summer.
Overrun: $35
  • Reg#: 497385009
  • EN 32-9
  • Stress Negative
  • Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed Breed Purity Test 96%
Sire: Black Magic
Dam: Tiger (littermate to the dam of Lethal)

REPUTABLE was purchased a Duncan 2017 as he was the youngest class winner.  His name Reputable is in respect to the breeder of Jim Grimm.  Hi has sold his sow herd this late summer and my personal thoughts are great for him and bad for the young people.  Jim, Thank You for setting the bar high for ALL breeders to try to measure up to.  For those reading, I am not even thinking about the hogs even though that bar was set extremely high as well.  I appreciate the example you have set as a breeder of just doing things RIGHT.  A great role model as a dad to a young daughter and son in law, along with an eighteen year old son of the examples we all can learn.  THANK YOU!!!

As for the boar, I think he follows his breeder in a lot of respects, you don't have to make any exceptions.  This guy covers the basics of square, stout, muscular with a balance look.  Jim says his dam is a really good female that stands out coupled with the fact she is really good in the crate as well.  108 SPI.  Great breeding boars come from great females!!!!
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