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  • Stress Pending
Sire: Secret Society
Dam: Hurricane x Best Man 

KEOTA is a boar that Blake and I bought on our first Iowa trip this spring. KEOTA has a true show pig look with blunt square toes, big bones, excellent muscle and flexible stride. KEOTA’S pedigree is stacked with winning pedigrees that makes this guy a must use to get more in the winner circle. KEOTA Mom is a litter mate Sister to the Divison 4 Champion Barrow at 2018 San Antonio Stock Show.
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Never Before
Dam: Lock It Up 

WALNUT is a boar I would call a HE BOAR. Regardless of any angle you view this guy, it is BIG. He is not a little moderate hog that is big elsewhere. He is a boar that looks like he will grow, because his skeleton doesn't hold him back. I am not sure about the rest of you, but I am excited to see a boar come out that DOESN'T have a 1.2 to 1.3 WDA.

When WALNUT comes out of the block, I see substance, a big brim of a nose, wide between his eyes, stout boar head. His front leg is big, chest is wide and square with an absolute massive forearm. He has a big rib,, back and butt. His tail root is huge and it looks like a spread of 4 plus inches on his rear dew claws. Even with all this power and mass and grow, WALNUT maintains an incredible look with a running gear that travels square and effortlessly.
Summer Pricing:
5-13-19 to 8-11-19:
Sire: Night Vision
Dam: Bear 84 X Mountain Man 

As Chris states the photo does not do this hog justice. Throwing solid whites or a lot of color. We bought this hog to use on our own sows. Unique creature that is short backed long hipped with great for rib shape. Dam has generated a boar in every litter. 1/2 sib to Patron and mate sister possibly one of the best females on Hofschultes farm. We want to extend a great thank you to Hofschultes for letting this guy go need to call Chris and Nick to see how fired up they are on this guys first set of pigs.
Summer Pricing:
5-13-19 to 8-11-19:
  • Stress Negative
Sire: New Standard
Dam: Best Man x (32-5) No Mercy x Black Onyx x Warfare

LITTLE KITTY was a great find for Purple Power and our customers. The dam came from the heart of Egger's sow herd with 32-5 producing daughter, grand daughter etc. of over 50% of Joe's herd. LITTLE KITTY is bred to make elite barrows. Super stout,very extended, square built, long strided and plenty of shape and muscle. If I was a betting man, there will be alot of Meows a the backdrop out of this guy.
Summer Pricing:
5-13-19 to 8-11-19:
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Straight Forward
Dam: Shoot Em

  • Class Winning Boar 2019 from Belton
Dirty Favor mom
Summer Pricing:
5-13-19 to 8-11-19:

I have seen pictures and videos of this hog since he has been a baby, and he has always been real impressive! Then you tie phenotype with a legit combination of genotype! Taking one of the most influential boars combine with a sow that comes out of a firm that kicks them out! This thing is bred to be a breeding hog that needs to see those cool looking sissy made sows! In one generation this one will make you athletic, stouten you up, and give you a back-pin set that is unbelievable hard to build!

Attitudes first set of pigs that have started hitting the show ring!
  • Grand Overall at MN State Fair
  • Champion Heavy Weight Colorado State Fair
Summer Pricing:
5-13-19 to 8-11-19:
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Ninja
Dam: Sugar Ray

SPRAY TAN was purchased at Indiana Crossbred Classic 2017. His litter mate brother was named Champion and in my Opinion SPRAY TAN was only some sun light away from higher honors himself. SPRAY TAN has a huge appetite and is a fast growing hog. His squareness of chest,height of shoulder and boldness to his rib are all huge assets. He has perfect length of body with a square pin set and plenty behind. If you can go into the public, make sure you have a tan, even a SPRAY TAN!!!!!!! Right Zack Lear?
  • Champion Division 1 Cross Gilt Indiana State Fair Jr Show 2018
  • Reserve Grand Champion Barrow Van Buren,MI
  • Reserve Grand Champion Breed Gilt 2018 Newton Co Open Show
  • Reserve Grand Barrow 2018 Isabello Co,Mi
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