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Overrun: $100
  • Reg#: 397201001
  • EN 24-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Brake Lights
Dam: He's The One X Light Em Up (Hes the Light Litter mate Sister)

4.0 has been a high light of my spring! In all my travels in May and June  I Have seen al ot of boars I think this one is a 4.0 on the scale and needs to be on every bodies short list of boars to use!!!
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 398998001
  • EN 56-1
Sire: Consensus
Dam: First Class X impeccable

MAD DOG was purchased at Duncan 2018 where he was named Reserve Champion. In writing this commentary three weeks after the show I Can only tell you that I think we got a great bargain here. He is unreal how he looks right now. MAD DOG comes from a great litter with litter mate sisters showed and one being named Champion gilt along with three litter mates retained at the farm to be sows. MAD DOGS look ,squareness ,muscularity and extreme soundness make this guy special. This guy is a great addition to our already deep set of red boars.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 396503003
  • EN 4-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Truth Or Dare
Dam: He's The One x Centerfold

BEHIND THE SCENES was purchased off the farm after a littermate sister wins her class at Louisville.(pictured) She hit me hard and BEHIND THE SCENES was discovered by talking with Tim. I am super pumped about adding this HE MAN boar to our lineup. Big feet, incredible big legs that are square and flex. Very tall shouldered, excellent square chest, big rib, back and butt. It all goes together in a great looking HE MAN package. This guy will get some of our elite sows here in Chalmers.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 396507005
  • EN 14-5
  • Stress Negative
Sire: EST
Dam: Honest Abe

KISSING BOOTH was found at the farm when looking at Behind The Scenes. This guy is a mid February boar that is real cocky. At first glance, you see a tall shouldered, square chested, big ribbed, level topped and hipped boar. When you couple his look with the face he has a slightly different pedigree he became a bell-ringer. KISSING BOOTH is one of the better red ones i have seen this summer. As for his name, I think if you are to enter a KISSING BOOTH, it is best to not be related. That makes this guy safe.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 396310003
  • EN 9-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Total Conviction
Dam: Amplify X Honeymoon's mate sister

Double Down has me Chris Danner excited about making square,sound and extremely pretty show hogs. Double Down has 2 shots of Challenger and 2 Shots of Honeymoon's Dam in his blood. Arguably 2 of the prettiest fronted,soundest red boars we have seen and made an impact on the breed in the last few years. If you are a betting person and wagering a bet do it with authority and DOUBLE DOWN
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 401393001
  • EN 3-1
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Consensus
Dam: Steel Pipe x Challenger (Amplify Littermate Sister)

HAWAIIAN DELIGHT was purchased off the farm from Joe this winter. His dam is a littermate to Blake Danner's 4th Overall Barrow at the 2017 Indiana State Fair. HAWAIIAN DELIGHT'S Granddam is a mate to Amplify as well. Then being out of Consensus this guy doesn't disappoint. He is super square, sound, muscular with rib, body and a good look. This is one that Joe was talking about as a little one and he is sure the part as a big one as well. Treat yourself and get a little HAWAIIAN DELIGHT.
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 374010003
  • EN 6-3
  • Stress Negative
Sire: King of Queens
Dam: King Of Outlaws (wolf gilt that wins pigplanet show 2015)

Watch N Learn was named by Kent and if this guy generates like we think, his name could say it all. This is a super stout hog that at 100 pounds standing at Kent's was quoted by some of the traffic as the best red hog they had seen at that time. His natural ability to add foot, bone, width, mass, correctness of structure is uncoupled to any. Never before have we had one this stout in his structure and put that with his ability to travel is unreal…
  • 4th Overall Breeding Gilt Jackson Co,In 2018
  • Class Winner 2018 STC
  • 7th Overall Gilt 2018 OYE
  • Class Winning Barrow 2018 FWSS
  • Reserve Grand Champion Gilt 2018 WTC
  • Reserve Grand Overall 2017 Kansas State Fair
  • Reserve Duroc 2017 Eastern Regional NJSA
  • Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt 2017 Cow Palace
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 NBS Jr Show
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 NBS Jr show
  • Class Winning Gilt 2017 SW Regional
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Kentucky State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Champion Duroc Market Hog 2017 Colorado State Fair
  • Reserve Grand Purebred gilt 2017 Iowa State Fair 4-h Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
  • Class Winning Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Champion Duroc Barrow Boulder Co,CO
  • Grand Champion Gilt 2017 Tippecanoe Co,IN
  • Reserve Grand 2017 Winners Advantage Jackpot Show, IL
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Owen Co, IN
  • Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Jasper Co, IN
  • 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Grant Co, IN
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 2 2017 NJSA
  • Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 1 2017 NJSA
  • 4th Overall Division 2 Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX
  • Champion Bred and Owned Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX
Overrun: $300
  • Reg#: 381121004
  • EN 2-4
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Watch and Learn
Dam: Honeymoon x Meatpacker (Grand gilt at WPX 2016)

CRYIN SHAME came from one of my most anticipated litters ever. Being the first litter from the grand gilt WPX 2016. Needless to say, we were excited upon the arrival. Cryin Shame was a stud from early on. He was the dark skinned, geek necked one that paraded with confidence in the crate and up to the point of pinching a nerve in his back around 150-180 pounds. (Thus, no picture) He was and still is big footed, stout boned, tall shouldered, giraffe necked with muscle and squareness. Up to the point of injury, he was extremely sound and athletic. It was a Cryin Shame that he hurt himself, but I believe in this one enough, I bred 40% of this upcoming crop to him. Understanding I had more elite red boars this fall than ever before. Along with the fact of having more red boars in total than females to breed. In my opinion, this speaks how confident I am in his potential to do great things.
  • 5th Overall Barrow (Champion Purebred) Iowa State Fair FFA 2018 Jr Show
  • 4th Overall Duroc Gilt Division 1 2018 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
  • Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2018 Noble Co,In
  • 3rd Overall and Champion Duroc Fayette Co,In Open Show 2018
  • 5th Overall Barrow 2018 Benton Co,In
  • Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2018 Wells Co,In
  • 7th Overall Barrow 2018 MLE - Champion Duroc Barrow
44 RED
Overrun: $75
  • Reg#: 396881004
  • EN 44-4/li>
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Consensus
Dam: Steel Pipe x King of Queens (Watch and Learn Sister)

44 RED comes from our April 2018 group where he was always a standout for being tall shouldered, stout featured and shapely topped. As a mature he still posses those same traits, plus has a good running gear to go with the body and mass. The dam was a first litter gilt and in her second litter, has a set of Double Downs that are impressive as well.
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 396697001
  • EN 8-9
  • Stress Negative
Sire: EST
Dam: Steel Pipe

TRUMPET CALL is a piece we have been looking for here at PPBS. His Big legs,Long stride,square build with chest forearm and center rib shape are extremely good. He does not come in a small package either. We have been looking for one that can inject more structure,yet keep length of stride and rib that we do't want to give up.
Overrun: $50
  • Reg#: 382286006
  • EN 6-6
  • Stress Negative
Sire: Watch N Learn
Dam: Lifetime X Milestone

TAKING LESSONS was purchased off the farm from Brett. The first time I seen this guy he would of weighed approximately 100 LBS. All I know was he had to come to Chalmers. I went back the second time right before WPX and was even more convinced. Within 2 weeks after WPX I took Sue to look at him as well. By this time Brett had priced him, within 4 steps out of the barn, Sue said, lets do this.  HE is the REAL DEAL.  Not only is Taking Lessons the real deal, he has look, bone, muscle, balance, squareness, soundness and yes, a great sow family behind him.

Taking Lessons granddam is the Milestone sow that they have been building around.  They have several daughters out of her now and her last big win was the Rinderer barrow that does well at WPX and Summer Conference.  Not to mention, the full sib sister is the dam of the Grand Gilt and the Grand Land of Lincoln barrow at Illinois State Fair 2016.

Another littermate was Grand at Oklahoma State Fair and Southwest NJSA Regional.  So not only is Taking Lessons really good, the best breeding boars come from really strong sow families.
  • 5th Overall Duroc Barrow- 3rd Overall Division 2 2018 NJSS
  • 4th Overall Division 1 2018 NJSS
  • Reserve Grand Overall Boar 2018 STC
  • 3rd Overall Division 1 Barrows 2018 WPX
Overrun: $35
  • Reg#: 393140009
  • EN 8-9
Sire: Bear Claw
Dam: New Direction

LOST IDENTITY is a full sib to the Champion gilt 2018 OYE. LOST IDENTITY has a very cool look,square build with good rib and muscle. If your female is stout and needs extension ,look and athletism don't be lost find the boar ,use LOST IDENTITY .
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