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Summer Pricing
4-15-24 to 7-20-24
  • Reg#: 161719003
  • EN: 17-3
Sire: Burner Phone
Dam: Boxed Out

Instinct was purchased out of the 2024 Kingpins sale. He comes from a great pedigree in being *Mother was $1,900 lease and Champ Chester @ California State fair *Littermates would include -Res. Grand Team Purebred barrow @ Springfield 22' ( Champion Chester) -3rd overall chester barrow Springfield 22' (Rinderer's barrow) -5th over chester barrow @ Expo -Champion Chester gilt @ IN Stock 22' * Grandma was 5th Overall Gilt @ Expo 20' *Great Grandma is Sloan JIB sow mother of Burner Phone Follow your gut and use Instinct.
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