"Breeding one sow at a time"


Summer Pricing
4-15-24 to 7-30-24
Overrun $150 Fall Pricing 7-31-24 to 10-12-24 $200 Overrun 150
  • Reg#: 184204004
  • EN: 45-4
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Talk to ME
Dam: Sweatin Bullets

Q-Tip was purchased at Perfect Timing Fall of 2023. He was sharp looking, square and sound then and the good thing, he is still that way today as well. It is hard to build a square, very good looking one that is wide, big bodied and shapely , that travels square front and rear, all along with his extreme looks. His skin and hair texture is awesome, therefore his name Q-tip. "Smooth as silk".
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