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Summer Pricing
4-15-24 to 7-20-24
Overrun $100
  • Reg#: 516016003
  • EN: 217-3
Sire: Freelancer
Dam: Danger Zone X Grand Entrance 13.500 From Dotson

END ZONE is a Danner Livestock boar that comes from a good litter. One of those is the Holderly barrow that wins the second class at Perry and was third overall hamp. I sure wish this barrow didn't get sick and miss 2 weeks for Mya. END ZONE is a boar that is super square, sound and lines are dead on and attractive from the side. Everything matches on this big ring gilt maker. Add to the fact his dam, 22-6 Danger Zone sow keeps doing what one wants. END ZONE is the second boar we have kept out of her with the first being the sire of the Counting Cards boar we are about to put up as well. The third boar has hit the chip barn and OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! We like END ZONE quite well and he will see a lot of use here in Chalmers. CKD
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