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Timings Right
Winter Pricing
10-19-2020 to 02-28-2021
  • Reg#: 155230008
  • EN: 27-8
  • Stress Test: Negative ------ BREED POINTS +8
Sire: Secrets Out
Dam: Clock Ticking

TIMINGS RIGHT was purchased at Duncan 2019 after being named Champion. I honestly did not go to this event thinking of buying another Landrace but simply looking for standouts on really good hogs. This guy QUALIFIED. A quote from Jonas McGrew "I think this one is the best one we made." That is huge statement!!!!! I can not speak for the McGrews and that statement but Chris Danner thinks this is one of the very elite Landrace boars I have seen. Huge legs,strong pastern,balanced,square,muscular and with a great look. Take note of an elite individual here.
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