"Breeding one sow at a time"


Fall Pricing
7-30-23 To 10-14-23
Overrun $100
  • Reg#: 435942002
  • EN: 25-2
Sire: Up The Limits
Dam: Rags To Riches X 64-9 4.0

To the Moon is no accident and has been hand crafted for the last 20 years. His momma and Gma are mainstays in our program, and when they have piglets we expect great things to come. A male pig identified at birth as one that didn’t need to lose seeds and has matured into a very interesting pig. To The Moon has hard to build far reaching pieces that are not easy to be replicated. The shape of his skull, the size and squareness of his chest are To The Moon. His ability to have presence, balance and unique Proportions are To The Moon. His ability have a proper rib cage that’s tucked up in his chest and a square edge are To The Moon. Sometimes Shooting to outer space is not all to bad.
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