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Summer Pricing
4-15-24 to 7-20-24
Overrun $75
  • Reg#: 432347005
  • EN: 24-5
Sire: Iron House
Dam: Take Me Home

STROBE LIGHT was purchased at 2022 NSR Fall Classic. I have admired how stout of bone in the Boars that Cain's have brought out this summer out of Iron House. Strobe Light, a son of him has been my pick of all of them. I consider this guy as a great breeding boar. He is stout, square good looking, sound and his forearm and rib are impeccable. He is growing on my biggest critic "Blake" In moving him from isolation to home he started listing all the sows he wanted to breed to him including 92-7(she seems to be the sow of choice for him) I knew then I had gained approval. Don't forget this name STROBE LIGHT.
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