"Breeding one sow at a time"


10-16-23 to 1-31-23
Overrun $100
  • Reg#: 432217002
  • EN: 6-2
Sire: Creation
Dam: Next Chapter

KING BOSS was purchased at NSR Fall Classic 2022 after being named Champion by Kent McClemore. Kent's opinion and words on this boar were perfect at a time while lots of discussions and opinions in our industry are happening. KING BOSS was not the biggest, but simply the best according to Kent. In my opinion he offers so much of what we need right now in the Red breed. Simply the ability to outwalk his competition. KING BOSS has big feet and bones. He has a good chest, forearm, rib and muscle yet still maintaining a long neck, great head carriage included with his ability to take a very long, square stride. KING BOSS was not the biggest, simply the best.
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