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  • Reg#: 413972002
  • EN: 46-2
Sire: RIP
Dam: JIMMY T(Popular 9,000 Gilt Champion Iowa State Fair 2019) Bred by Lettow Showpigs

14 KARAT was purchased off the farm from Lettow Showpigs in May 2020. 14 KARAT hit me really hard in viewing him on our travels. His toes are big, legs are big along with his square chest and unique extended look up front. 14 KARAT has excellent rib shape with good muscularity working down his top. His hip design is very good with a good pin set and flows into really good muscle in a full thick ham. All of this with the ability to take a long full stride. 14 KARATS dam is the popular $9000 gilt champion at the Iowa State Fair in 2019. This guy is an early February boar and with that I am super excited at the growth pattern he has made along the way. To his credit, the last person that viewed him said if you had several barrows like this you would win a lot. CKD
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