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Fall Pricing
7-30-23 To 10-14-23
Overrun $150
  • Reg#: 428963002
  • EN: 61-2
Sire: Heres The Deal
Dam: Drop Dead

UP THE LIMITS is our $100,000 purchase at Expo 2022. My good friend Mickey Bellamy asked if I would help with commentating on Walton Webcasting, so I had a good view of the boars coming in. For me his name could have been first sight because he hit me hard. Unlike any I had ever seen in my 20 plus years in the boar business. That night when we got him up that feeling got even stronger. I had to contain myself to not be like the kid in the candy store. I wanted this one. Yes UP THE LIMITS. I knew it would take a lot more than I prefer to spend but he needed to be in Chalmers regardless the figure. Therefore, UP THE LIMITS. This guy defies odds in putting look, build, body cavity, muscle , foot and bone into one incredible package. His ability to have absolute huge bones that aren't short and looking like a true man combined with elegance and athleticism. I am writing this on Monday July 11 and for me whether his name is UP THE LIMITS, First Sight or No Return. This one captivates me. CKD
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