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10-16-23 to 1-31-23
Overrun $75
  • Reg#: 178661004
  • EN: 81-4
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Speak Up
Dam: Luke

Owned with Nieuhaus and Feldman, Steven Resler and Keith Iberg and Family PPBS JUSTIFIED was purchased at Springfield 2022 as he was the last class winner. I have been looking for this one for over a year now. I like this one for a lot of reasons. His foot and bone work are A plusses. His angles and squareness of build are A plusses. He is tall shouldered, has a great boar breeding skull, super good top line and a balanced look from the side. He comes from a great litter in his sister was champion in the open show at Springfield. a mate Brother was 4th out spot at Expo and one gilt retained at home to make a sow. JUSTIFIED has me very excited to make our spot sow herd better, as he comes from a really good dam that was champion in MO in 2020. This guy is flat out JUSTIFIED. CKD
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