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Fall Pricing
7-30-23 To 10-14-23
Overrun $100
  • Reg#: 428923004
  • EN: 38-4
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Whip and Spur
Dam: Purified Red

Vegas Odds is a boar that Blake and I found while we were out touring the country side. After some debate Doug was persistent about showing this hog to the public at The Exposition. To be Honest, this pig did not fill up at the show like he was at the farm. This is to our benefit as this pig hit us very, very hard when he was drove out at the Farm. A hog that has great proportions with killer look. When set in motion he stays dead square on both ends with a long hip and proper set to his hind leg. We think this pigs ability to generate livestock with quality and barrow proportions is very high. We are for sure that Vegas Odds are in our favor and plan on utilizing this one heavy in Chalmers
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