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Droppin Bombs
  • Reg#: 172898001
  • EN: 38-1
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: S and L
Dam: Headstrong X On The Run X Sand L

DROPPIN BOMBS and GRAVITY are from frozen semen. When we pulled the semen out of the tank on S and L we envisioned something good. We only had a pair of boar pigs born and with that they are DROPPIN BOMBS and GRAVITY. DROPPIN BOMBS has always been tall shouldered, more extended with a square running gear. His frame score appeals to the masses with that having a Sherman tank for rib and body. This guy has always been an eye catcher. GRAVITY as a baby was a shot heavier structured. He also possesses squareness of skeleton whether standing still or on the move. I like GRAVITY for covering the basics of build, body,muscle and for some color pattern. I think this pair beat my expectations and we are super excited to offer this pair to use.
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