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  • Stress Test: Pending
Sire: Anchorman
Dam: Prenup X Stingray X Sugar Daddy X Hillbilly Bone

TOULON is an off the farm purchase in May at Noah's. He had three mate bothers as we approached the Cargill floor in three separate pens. My initial look was to scope all three pens as Noah headed to the first where the clipped boar was. In the middle pen was a more moderate boar and the last pen was this extremely good built, good outlined boar that absolutely hit me. The third pen is where TOULON was. We looked at the first boar and thought he had a lot of good. We took a quick glance at the second boar which by all means had a lot of good in him as well. However, TOULON is the one that had the boxes checked for this old man. Great look, phenomenal feet and legs, stout and an absolute perfect hip and hind leg. TOULON hit me hard in making better structured crossbred hogs. I believe in really good boars out of great litters and out of prolific sows All three boars mentioned will be breeding sows this fall and there dam is a front pasture sow at any herd in America.
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