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  • Reg#: 632485007
  • EN: 15-7
Sire: Pikes Peak
Dam: Yet Again X Trump Train

HIDDEN TREASURE in my opinion was exactly what his name says. In viewing boars this May. We stopped and looked at boars at the Flaspohlers farm. After seeing several good young boars paraded out on the grass, we walked to the concrete lot where a hand full of sows were with this York boar. Running on bare concrete and actually just finished mating a young female. April said he had just came off of slats for 2 weeks and needed to come home to be able to use. HIDDEN TREASURE is 10 months old in this picture and hasn't been on any feed additives. His ability to have strong pasterns, long fronted, short backed, long hipped and monster ribbed is really hard to find. Add that to a pedigree you have to look up makes this guy a HIDDEN TREASURE.
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