"Breeding one sow at a time"


10-20-21 to 2-20-22
4 for $40.00 each
  • Reg#: 156677003
  • EN: 37-3
Sire: Selfish Ambition
Dam: Hill Jack

EGO is a boar I judged at Belton, TX. I named him reserve that day simply because he looked like the breeding boar of the group and wasn't all dressed up looking like he was ready to go out on the town. He appeared to be in his overalls and get the dirty work done. I really like the structure this guy has. His toe quality, bone size, angles to his skeleton, muscularity, squareness and look fit well too. EGO covers the basics really good and when I got home from Belton with him the biggest chester critic seen him. Blake said he would breed one or two sows to him and I asked which one. Blakes answer, "Nancy". I must have passed the test. She is his best chester sow on the farm. Every once in a while it is ok to be confident and have a little EGO.
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