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  • Reg#: 411360001
  • EN: 11-1
Sire: Change It Up
Dam: Bullethole X Challenger

Perfect Shot is a boar we raised her in Chalmers this Winter. Perfect Shot literally has 3 of my 5 favorite Red Sows on the bottom side of his pedigree. His Dam was a first litter gilt that was a popular female that Jacob Edmond's crew showed in 2019 in OK. Her paternal Dam was Blake's Grand Gilt @ the 2016 Expo. Her Granddam is a Challanger female we bought in Belton in 2017 that was a class winner. Perfect Shot is one we have not had to apologize for his structural integrity writing this 6/16/2020. I have seen quite a few Red boars in the last 5 weeks. Perfect Shot's ability to be totally square in his build, form and function has been a strong suit. His toes are square, bone and joints clean, his stride is good, with being tall shouldered, excellent top lined, big ribbed, and long hipped with muscle. Perfect Shot has a tremendous balance from the side and squareness in his travel. We like this one A LOT. If you are looking to dribble up the court to take the perfect shot, here is your chance!
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