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  • Reg#: 154610002
  • EN: 58-2
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Punchline
Dam: White Out 121-1

Retro is a boar Danner Livestock raised that brings back old genetics that are good. Retro’s sire Punchline was a 2012 model which stood in stud until fall of 2019. That is unknown for the Chester boars and for that matter in all boars in today’s time. His semen was always good and his daughters are good in the crate. White Out 121-1 was a boar born in 2002 that allowed Rodibaugh Genetics to make a path of making champion Chester’s. White Out 121-1 was 8 or 9 years old when he passed. Retro has the most unique Chester skull in being clean yet stout. He was a standout from a little pig until now in look, muscle and design. His pigs are stout, square, good looking and have good shape. Jump back in time and grab some Retr
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