$150 | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - Call for pricing

Stress Negative | EN 00 | Reg# 00
Bred by Seth Keplinger | Owned with Gary Funkhauser

AFFORDABLE’S sire was the $45,000 Grand York Boar from Louisville in 2016 that was raised by Stohlquist, and out of a pair of Ricker animals. The dam of AFFORDABLE was a 10-time Champion Yorkshire Gilt on the very competitive Ohio Show Circuit. Unfortunately for Keplinger, but fortunately for us, this Close Call sow only had males in this litter. This Amped Up boar looks a lot like his daddy did. Heavy boned, super wide
and a great profile. This guy is good in respect to integrity behind his blade, correct in his ham/loin junction and he possesses a good set of pasterns. He has muscle to burn. This guy would have made a tremendous Yorkshire barrow, but I’m confident he will be an outstanding Yorkshire boar. This guy is bred to be good and he doesn’t disappoint. Take advantage of this guy that’s from the heart of the Ricker breeding program.


$100 | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire: Old School -  Mighty Mack 74-1 x Grizz
Dam:  Wow x Daddy Mack

EN 13-4     Reg# 593177004   Stress Negative
Raised By and Owned With Rodibaugh Genetic Team

INTERCEPTION was literally intercepted right before Rodibaugh's were to leave for Belton 2017.  Whether we talk Phenotype or Genotype this guy turns heads.  Genotype = older pedigrees where look, squareness, feet and legs were a high priority.  INTERCEPTION is really good in those areas.  Phenotype = tall shouldered, awesome look, squareness, rib shape, balanced proportions of width, depth and length with really good muscle.  It's time to let a blast from the past bring you to the future of 2018 pigs.  Think of INTERCEPTION.  CKD


Cat Call
$100 | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire: RSVP
Dam: Taloga X Wow 

EN 8-3 Reg 583359003
Bred By: Blake Danner 

Cat Call comes from a deep consistent litter! This is a hog that is so sexy he can even get away with CAT CALLING all the ladies! With that being stated a balanced boar from the side that works a great big engine with in his skeleton! He is one that feeds out of the back side of his shoulder with real shape and dimension, and meets the surface with some knarley big feet! We like this hog a good deal and could make Yorkshires better! Couple his build with the sow that wins her class at ISF and grand dam that is the mother of Dress 2 Kill and Creativity. She was also Here N Nows littermate sister.

- 3rd Overall Gilt 2017 White Co,In
- Reserve Purebred Barrow 2017 Chickasaw Co,IA

Popular Yorkshire Gilt 2017 WPX 

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