$200. | $150. | Overrun $100.

Sire- Sharp Dress Man
Dam- Swagger X Bear X New Beginnings

Bred by Seth Gilstrap
Owned with Seth Gilstrap and Brad Barnett


Big Kill

Sire: Hunted
Dam: Mental Rush

Raised By Weisenger Farms 

I am super happy I made the track to Weisenger's early this spring and land this guy. In my opinion, he was the most complete boar they had to offer. Come check this stud out. He is a BIG KILL!!!!!!!!!


Summer Pricing: $100.00

Sire: Bad Donkey
Dam: Sugar Daddy X Sweet Emotion Mom

Bred by: Aj Lewis and Kim Lewis

BAD MEDICINE was a Class Winner at Fall Classic 2016. If you are looking for a great look,stoutness,muscularity and the ability to travel, look in here. BAD MEDICINE has come home and 2 weeks later looks absolutely INCREDIBLE. BAD MEDICINE is one of the most popular Cross Boars we have ever had and are super excited to call Chalmers his home.


Throwing shade
Summer Pricing: $50.00

Sire: Giddy Up
Dam: Mountain Man X Black Onyx X Warfare

Raised By Joe Eggers

Throwing Shade was purchased off the farm and the best thing to say is he represents his name well. I think this guy can back up all the talk, smack, and antics that one wants to put out. This coupled up with coming out of one of the hottest farms in America right now. The Black Onyx sow was the granddam of San Antonio Champion Other Cross. With that stated, we ended up with Throwing Shade; Huge feet, big legs, clean boned, tall shouldered, awesome look, square built, standing and walking, great rib and muscle. If this guy is a barrow, you will find him with the purple banner more times than not. We found him here at The Purple as well.




Summer Pricing: $50.00

Sire: Artic Blast 
Dam: B57 X Red Bone X Hibilly Bone X Sound System X Adino 

Raised By: Blake Danner

Even though he has been having an identity crisis, yes he knows he is good! A heads up boar that just has everything that blends! When you get up high on this one, you find an impressive rectangular back shape and then follow that all the way to the ground, square and mobile coupled with great big feet and legs! Hey, there is nothing wrong with using one that is good built, balanced, with true muscle and body!



Drop Kick
Summer Pricing: $35.00

Sire:  Made Ya Look
Dam: Bone Collector

Bred by A.J Muegge
Owned with Platner Showpigs

Drop Kick was purchased at Crossbred Classic summer of 2016. Drop Kick is a bigger scaled, heavy boned, muscular boar that has muscle and squareness from the ground up. He has a great look while still maintaining that soundness through his hind leg. Drop Kick is NOT a soft pasterned boar, and at the time of writing this I have seen the first pigs. He is a boar that looks to be a hog that can fix the pastern issue by the looks of these babies and his phenotype. What I have seen out of his babies, they are good pastern, nickle bigger with a stout good look, great big round rib and plenty of muscle. Keep Drop Kick in mind to make some positive changes. 


Summer Pricing: $35.00

Grand Champion Overall 2014 American Royal
Champion Cross 2014 American Royal

Sire: Mountain Man
Dam: 9 to 5

Stress Negative |  BF: .6  |  LEA: 9.5
Bred by Ray Show Pigs, IL
Owned with Fender Club Pigs, OH

Mountain Time wins class At 2013 Crossbred Classic. This guy feet are big and square,his bone work is big and flexible. He is square made boar that travels with ease. He comes in a little bit more moderate package with really good muscle. Nathan Ray said this was the most anticipated litter for the winter group 2013. All 5 gilts are retained to make sows out of. His dam  is a gilt herself and maternal Grand dam is the best generator ever to be at Ray Show pigs. She raised the 2012 Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt at the 2012 Iowa State Fair,Champion Lt Wt Dark Cross at 2012 San Antonio plus many other winners.

- Reserve Cross Gilt 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show
- Grand Champion Overall Barrow Putnam Co,In
- Grand Champion Overall Barrow Clinton Co,In
- Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe,In
- Grand Champion Barrow 2014 St. Joe Co,IN
- Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe Co,In
- Reserve Champion Ellis Co Expo,TX

- Champion Cross GILT 2016 Delaware State Fair

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