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Sire:  Hammer Fist
Dam: Going Green x Substitution

Raised by Kyle and Jessica Clauson
Stress negative and passes purity test

TKO is a unique landrace boar.  His point of shoulder height and heaviness of bone are unusual in this breed like he possesses.  His landrace characteristics of ear are good, his muscle and width of skeleton are really good and his balance when viewed from the side is really good as well.  Super sound in his movement and a good set of females behind him.  I had the honor of feeding his grandma right here in Chalmers in 2012 for another young man that showed out of our barn that year.  She was named Champion landrace gilt at the Indiana State Fair. In the time of transition, this guy has pure blood and competitive look all in one package.  Also a complete outcross to the Got Em line as well.   


$100 | Pre-book: $75 | Overrun: $50

Sire- Jumper Cables
Dam- Ein X Bonecrusher

Stress Negative | EN 8-3 | Reg# 150182003
Bred by Blake Danner

When we walked into the farrowing house and saw that the Chester sow had 10 nice pigs, which was unusual, we knew there was sow power here! The dam of HEAVY DUTY was a $6,000 purchase at the Sweethearts of the Summer Sale. She is a littermate to the Champion Chester Barrow at the 2016 WPX shown by the Jacobson family. Then the granddam would have raised the Res. Supreme Champion at the 2016 Arizona National and she was the top-selling gilt. Needless to say, they do not get much better than genetically and phenotypically than this. HEAVY DUTY is sound and correct with also being heavy duty. Use him with confidence.


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Sire- Jumper Cables

Stress Negative | EN 1-1 | Reg# 1501391001
Bred by Ummel Farms

When REFEREE ran into the ring at the Field of Dreams, I knew there was a Chester boar that had a potential to breed numerous sows.
Since the day ownership changed, we have been nothing but excited to work him into our breeding decisions. To have this much look, feature, muscle, squareness and balance, does not happen every day of the week. I knew this one will see heavy use at Danner Livestock!




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Dam-Ein X Big Rig 

EN 32-2 Reg 149504002

ALL SMILES is out of the off center Chester Boar Otis. Blake hoarded the litter and we weeded it down to 2 Boars and 2 Gilts. We Chose ALL SMILES to keep for the boar and kept both gilts for the sow lot with showing one of them at the American Royal in the Breeding gilt show,where she was named Champion. All Smiles has a great stout look,big feet,and legs with above average muscle. His width of base is really good as well. All SMILES got his name because no matter what age,when you walked up to the pen you would be ALL SMILES. 



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Sire: Infusion
Dam: Ein

EN 90-5 Reg 149635005
Bred by Avery and Wyatt Bauer 
Owned with Schminke Genetics 

POUND SIGN was named Champion at the 2016 Fall Classic
with already having a really stout set of Chester Boars in our lineup,we thought this guy complimented them extremely well. POUND SIGN is really stout, complied with the fact he is tall shouldered,awesome look with plenty of muscle. When things get tough look for the POUND SIGN.


$150 | $100 Prebook | $75 Overrun

Sire: Hilljack
Dam: Double D

EN 15-1 Reg 1486020013
Bred and Owned with Armstrong Genetics

39,000 Record Selling Chester Boar from 2016 STC

Salary Cap was purchased at Springfield Summer 2016,becoming the record breaking Chester boar that day at 39,000.
I had been to Armstrong's in mid may and really liked him and Sue and Blake really liked him at the show,with Blakes 's love and passion to make them better Chester's,our family thought he bought a new piece to the party of what we think is already a super set. If you want your Chester's stout,good looking,extended front ends with squareness,soundness and muscle.Look no farther. Use the one that put us at our SALARY CAP. 

- 4th Overall Barrow Knox Co,In
- Champion Chester White Barrow 2017 Jasper Co,In
- 5th Overall Gilt Laporte Co,In
- 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Kosciusko Co,IN
- Champion ChesterGilt 2017 Kosciusko Co,In
- Class Winning Chester Gilt 2017 WPX Jr and Open Show


$100 | $75 Prebook | $50 Overrun

Sire: Big Wheels
Dam: Bone Jack

EN 3-3 l Reg 148107003
Bred by Rhys Cole

Jumper Cables was purchased at Belton 2016. Being named Champion and of the most talked about boars in the barn! The thing that I most appreciate about Jumper Cables, is when you look at this guy your eye isn't saying what would I like to fix about him! On the other hand this guy has big legs, a great look, super square, tall shouldered, a big rib cage, and lots of muscle! Jumper Cables is the real deal he will Jump start the Chester breed!

- Champion Chester White Gilt 2017 STC
- Champion Chester White Gilt 2017 Jasper Co Open Show
- 5th Overall Gilt 2017 Pulaski Co,In
- Champion Bred and Owned Barrow 2017 Team Purebred
- Class Winning Gilt 2017 San Antonio Gilt Show 


4th Overall Gilt 2013 Team Purebred Jr Show
Reserve Chester Gilt
5th Overall Team Purebred Gilt
2013 WPX Jr Show
Reserve Chester Gilt
Champion Chester Gilt
2013 WPX Open Show
Punchline Littermate Sister
Champion Chester Gilt 2011 NBS Open Show and high selling gilt  
$75 | $50 Prebook | $35 Overrun

Sire: Snapchat  
Dam: Northbound

Stress Negative | EN 11-2 | Reg# 146362002
Bred by Blake Danner, Ind.
Owned with Schminke Genetics, Iowa, and Russell Kneese

This guy comes out of an extremely deep, winning pedigree. His dam was Champion Bred-and-Owned, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 5 th -Overall at the 2013 Team Purebred summer show. A littermate was Reserve Champion Chester Gilt and 4 th -Overall at the 2013 WPX. She also was Champion and High-Selling in the open show. The granddam was Champion at the 2011 NBS ® , and she was also high-selling. Now let’s talk about PUNCH LINE . This picture was taken at just shy of four months of age. He has attributes that most Chesters need. I don’t need to make a long description here – come see PUNCH LINE in person and let him speak for himself. – Blake

- Champion Chester Barrow 2017 Missouri State Fair
- Champion Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
- Reserve  Chester Barrow 2016 Iowa State Fair FFA
- 3rd Overall Barrow 2016 Henry Co,IN 
- Reserve Champion Chester Barrow 2016 MLE
- 5th Overall Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
- Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Chester Gilt 2016 Team Purebred
- Champion Bred and Owned Chester Barrow 2016 Team Purebred
- 3rd Overall Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show
- Reserve Chester Gilt 2016 WPX Jr Show 

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