Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate you taking time to evaluate our boars and welcome any questions you have about any of them.

I would also like to thank all of you that have supported our business in the first couple of years. We have adopted the motto of
"BREEDING ONE SOW AT A TIME." We appreciate every person's business, regardless of size. We don't want to just sale semen, we want to settle sows.

I believe that the boars are a competitive set to allow you to hit the winners circle and we are pricing all of the boars at a very competitive price for you to let them prove this to you as well. Again, I appreciate you taking time to visit our site and look forward to visiting with all of you in the future.

Chris Danner
Purple Power Boar Stud

Summer Pricing Begins
6-2-14 thru 8-16-14

Incentive 100.00 a dose
All Boars 50.00 a dose 6 or more doses 35.00 a dose mix & matc
Incredible,Challenger,Flash Drive,Rock Revival,One Ear, Titantium,Snap Chap and Live Action

All Boars 35.00 Dose 6 or more Doses 25.00 a dose mix and match
New Adventure,Black Hills,Kryptonite,Carlos,On Fire,Taloga,Dress to Kill,Here and Now, Wow,Destination City,Bow Tie,Trio, My Kinda Party,sweet Emotions.Road Monster,Mountain Time,Quick Call,One Honest Hillbilly, Right Round,Mullet Mania Speed Dial and Nascar


To whom it may concern:

As of Tuesday April 15, 2014 we started showing signs of something happening in our show barn. On this date we sent stool samples to Purdue University and they confirmed on Wednesday April 16, 2014 at 4pm that we have become positive to the PED virus in our show barn. After this confirmation that same evening of April 16th we exposed the sows to the virus. As of that date, all of the boars had NOT showed any signs of the virus. On the collection of April 16th all boars were PCRed with the results of negative to the virus and will continue to be tested until we are confirmed PED free on our farm. Additionally, we pooled stool samples that same evening April 16th with the results of negative as well. However, on the evening of Thursday April 17th we exposed the boars to the virus also. At the time we are writing this which is Saturday April 19th, we have the first signs of the PED virus becoming prominent in the boars.

We have a video along with this statement of our current collecting process that will be in enclosed. The only way semen can become PED positive is by contamination in the collecting process. We have also taken all packaging away from the hog barns to further secure a clean and viable product for your safety.

We have been totally upfront and honest with everyone that has called at the situation at hand. We will continue to make updates about our situation on the Purple Power Boar Stud facebook page. In the mean the time we plan to continue collecting boars and shipping semen with all semen being PCRed for the PED virus at Purdue University. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information regarding the PED virus or our personal situation.

May God Bless,
Chris and Susan Danner

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